Thursday, September 29, 2011

Espresso Spread and Cappuccino Chip Muffins

Today is a busy day.  But I am happy and glad.  Today I have a lunch meeting with our Associate Minister at Tim Horton's (yum!), then I have to go to the school and deliver the uniform pants and hats that I had to clean (they got muddy).  Tonight I don't have a lot going on, but I do need to get my grocery list together because we have such a busy weekend.  So I am trying to get my coupons in order and match them up for the best deals.

What I do is plan out my our meals for two weeks using my ads and figure out where I can get the best bang for my buck.  It takes a lot of time and energy, but since I am not working, it is a necessity.

One way I try and save money is making my own muffins.  One of our favorite is Cappuccino Chip Muffins.  You can even make an espresso spread to go with it. My family loves these.  Here is the recipe.

Expresso Spread:
4 oz. Cream Cheese, cubed
1 Tablespoon Sugar
1/2 teaspoon Instant Coffee granules
1/2 teaspoon Vanilla
1/4 cup Mini Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

In a food processor or blender, combine the spread ingredients; cover and process until well blended.  Cover and refridgerate.

2 cups Flour
3/4 cup Sugar
2 1/2 teaspoons Baking Powder
1 teaspoon Cinnamon
1 cup Milk
2 tablespoons Instant Coffee granules
1/2 cup butter, melted
1 Egg, beaten
1 teaspoon Vanilla
3/4 cups Mini Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

In a bowl, combine flour, sugar, baking powder and cinnamon.

In another bowl, stir milk and instant coffee together until coffee is dissolved. Add butter, egg and vanilla; mix well.  Stir into dry dry ingredients just until moistened.  Fold in chocolate chips.  Fill paper-lined muffin cups 2/3rds full.  Bake for 17 - 20 minutes or until muffins test done.  Cool for five minutes before putting on a wire rack.  Serve with Espresso Spread.

It's really a yummy recipe!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Back Up and Running

The blog title is a little deceiving.  No, I did not lose my computer, I did lose my job, though.  So I've been trying to figure things out and I am back.

Autumn is in full spring and I think our garden is just about dead.  The air is cool, it's already the 2nd wettest September in Ohio's history for our area, and band and football are in full swing.

Last weekend was homecoming.  Here are some of my daughter's pictures.  She went with friends and had a great time!

They had a lot of fun and they all looked gorgeous!  Have a great Tuesday!

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