Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Post It Not Tuesday - Dancing Style

Another exciting day in blogland.  It's Tuesday and that means Post It Note Tuesday...

That One Mom

Call me what you want, but I love Dancing With the Stars.  And I am so excited about this new cast.  People are dissin' the new cast members, but remember the year there were like three felons on?  I thought I would hate that season, but in reality, it was a really good season.


Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Update - Surgery, Mexican, Laundry

Thanks to all of you who left messages of well wishes for us.  Things are hopefully going to be a lot more normal this week!  

My favorite d-jays wanted me to sum up my weekend in three words.  Here they are:  Surgery, Mexican, laundry.  What are your three words?

Son came through his quickie surgery so wonderfully!  We got to the hospital, they took us to his room and did his physical and explained everything to him.  He was quiet tentative, but did great.  When it was time, they wheeled him back, we said our "see-ya-laters" and checked in with the desk clerk.  We went and sat down with my parents and our minister.  Foxy decided to go to the bathroom.  He left and we were paged.  I walked up to the desk, think something was wrong, and the clerk said that the doctor was ready to talk to us.  I looked over and the he was opening the door.  I went over and told him I didn't know where Foxy was and he said, "You snooze, you lose."  Well alrighty, then.

I walked in sat down and the doctor said that all went well.  Son's nose is straight except for his septum (the little piece that divides the nostrils).  Doc said he couldn't really do much to straighten it, but all is well and to come see him on Thursday to take the splint off.  I shook his hand, thanked him and smiled.   I went back out to see Foxy coming toward me.  I told him it was over and we should be able to see him soon.  

When we were able to go back and see him, Son was laying there talking up a storm.  Not in his usual chipper, hyper self, but a little more laid back.  The nurse assigned to him was giggling and told me that with every question, he answered 'Yes ma'am, no ma'am' and 'thank you.'  She said she commented to him about his politeness and he told her that "my momma raised me right."  LOL.  They also got out of him about his girlfriend, so we tried to get other truths out.  I asked him how much money had he taken, and he looked at me and said "Six million dollars."  Well so much for that.  Here's a picture of him at home eating some cinnamon toast.

His eyes still look loopy, but we did end up going to the football game.  He stayed with the band, but did not play.  

As for Friday night Football, the Hornets won!  Our new coach got his first win under his belt and our band got lots of applause and hoots and hollers for their performance.
Daughter is to the left of the 50 yard line and she smiled and did everything totally perfect all night!  Son is down in the left hand side in the red hat.  What a great looking band.

After every home win, the band goes on the field in one big line and does a follow-the leader/bear and seniors ,walk they call the snake.  It's called that because they go in and out of each other, round and round, like a snake.
The girl in black that is between to band members is Daughter.
Again, the red hat kid is Son.  Next week, boy, next week.

Saturday I flew around the area in my Edge going to the bank, the grocery and then back home to clean because nine kids and two adults came to my house as part of the Youth Progressive Dinner.  They had Appetizers at our Senior Minister's house of little tacquitos, then to a Youth Advisors where they had taco salads.  Then on to my house for Chicken and Cheese Enchiladas and then to one of our Elder's family house for fried ice cream and swimming.  Everyone was too full!

Yesterday we went to church and then came home and I did laundry. That is very nice. 

Friday, August 27, 2010

What the Friday!

It's Friday!  Or as my two favorite radio personalities say, "What the Friday!"  I get to leave work 45 minutes early so I can meet Foxy, Son, Gpa and Gma at the hospital.  I feel more sad that Daughter went to school, I may miss the first football game, and that Son will miss his first chance to play in the Marching band.  There is next week though.  
When I got home last night, this was parked in front of a neighbor's house.
  If you look closer, you can tell that it's a bad paint job.  It's a pretty shade of pink, though.
 This is Daughter.  Her top is gorgeous, don't you think?  Wednesday night at the radio show the band performed outside of the Buffalo Wings and Rings.  See the pom-pom in there.  That is what she does.  Also, you can see the bruising on her cheek from her wisdom teeth surgery.  It is much better, but a reddish-yellow now.  Tonight they are unveiling their new props (there is tall flags, ribbons, and air blades.  I hope to get pictures of each and her during performances in the near future.
Thanks to all for your well wishes and concerns.  We'll get through.
My weekend looks like this...
Friday:  work, Son's surgery, resting at home/football game tonight
Saturday:  Progressive Dinner for Junior and Senior High kids from church
Sunday:  Church, and hopefully that is it.
What's your weekend like? 

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Referrals, Pictures and I'm trying to take a breath!

Apparently I don't understand how to do things that have to do with doctor referrals and such.  Last Wednesday we went to the doctor to show off Son's new crooked nose.  Dr. Kid said he would make the referral and the ENT's office would call us.  As of last night, we still had not heard from anyone.  So I had Foxy call today to Dr. Kid and find out what was going on on their end.  They of course said they sent the referral in and the ENT should have called by now.  So Foxy got the name of the ENT and called Central Scheduling.  The person that he talked to said we had to come in TODAY.  So Foxy went and picked up the x-ray of the nose, picked up Son and I met them at the Cincinnati Children's Medical Center (CCMC) satellite.  We met the ENT, a short balding man who was all business.

He basically told us that Dr. Kidd should have called them because just sending the referral doesn't work.  The paper ends up on a pile.  He then told us that they like to fix broken noses in 7 days or less.  But being less than two weeks, it's still okay. 

Dr. ENT looked at Son and said, "Well you don't need CT-Scan to see that his nose is broke."  Was that suppose to be funny?  I think he was trying to be.  Well, he said that surgery will either be tomorrow or Tuesday.    He didn't explain the procedure, just that they are going to do a Closed Reduction of the Nasal Fracture.  Basically they are going to straighten his nose.  He said he can go back to his regular activities tomorrow night.  Seriously?  He is going to be under general anesthesia until 2:30, then recover for a couple hours or so, and then he can go to marching band?  Yeah, I don't think so.  I may miss my first football game in a couple of seasons.  I'm just glad it's not a league game.


So how about some random pictures?  Yeah?  Okay!

 Daughter is wearing the top from her Drill Team halftime outfit.

The girl on the bench in the middle (next to #25) wearing the headband is Miss Varsity Cheerleader.  She also plays soccer.  Unfortunately, they lost this game 1 - 0.

This is what the nurses at the Oral Surgeon's place did to Daughter's arm.  She now looks like she is a user.  Her face is not swollen, but bruised under each cheek.  She told someone she got in a fight, and they believed her.  Daughter fighting?  How could anyone believe that?  LOL.

Well, I am trying to take a breath.  I hope to send out a blog tomorrow, but if not, you will know where I'll be.  Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wacky Wednesday Toll Fines and School!

You can translate initials into meaning whatever you can dream up.  My husband said BFH the other day.  I asked what it stood for.  He said, Big Friendly Hammer.  Daughter on the other hand said it meant Boy From Hood. 

So yesterday, Son got a call from Gpa.    Gpa told him that he and Daughter owe him $125.80.  Son asked, "What for?"  Gpa replied that he got a ticket for not paying the tolls in Minnesota.  Son just cracked up!  So, I asked Son what happened on vacation.  He told me that every time they came to a toll, Gma would say that it was to get off the highway and Gpa decided he didn't have to pay the tolls.  So yesterday in the mail, he received a big ticket.  It is so amusing that he finally got caught at something.  Gpa talks his way out of tickets all the time.  He usually doesn't say too much either.  If he had paid the tolls, he probably would have paid less than $15.  I am very amused! 

In other news, Son found out his teachers.  Last night Son and I went to find his locker and where each of his classes are.  He has Mr. Repeat for Social Studies.  Daughter had him two years ago and Son had him last year.  Now he has him again.  Son told us all last year that Mr. Repeat "hates" him.  But yet he did pretty well in that class. 

Son also has Ms. L for science.  Daughter had her too.  Ms. L asked who Son was and he said his name.  I said, "Daughter's his sister," and Son chimed in, "I'm nothing like her."   Ms. L's face dropped and said, "Oh.  I like her."  LOL.  Poor younger siblings.  If the first one is great, they expect them all to be the same.  My two are happy kids, but nothing like each other.

There is Mr. Math, who not many kids like and adults think he's a bit creepy.  Good thing Daughter is great in helping Son with his math.  Son also has the new basketball coach for language arts and the new football head coach for a second semester class called Learning and Leading.  We are told that this class is for advanced students.

Son has been asking everyone he knows if anyone has the same schedule as him.  I keep telling him that he will be in with all the smart kids.  Not that his friends aren't smart, but they are more the crazy class clowns and Son is one of the ringleaders.  So he has found a couple, but no one has his exact schedule.  Should be an interesting year.

Daughter finds out her classes and teachers when she gets to school today.  In high school they assign you to a home room using alphabetical order and then on the first day they hand out locker assignments and schedules.  So I won't know anything until tonight. 

I am sad because I have homework the first week of school.  You know, all the stupid forms that need filled out?  Why can't they put them on a computer and you change what you need to anyway?  They don't update or read them because my Daughter's address has always been wrong.  We live on W Drive and it dead-ends into W Way.  Her address always is W Way.  So why do I fill out these if no one looks at them?  If I have an update, fine.  I'll call you.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weekend Update PINT Style

Check out SupahMommy's site.  Click on the Yellow Post-It on the right side.

Friday, August 20, 2010

TGIF Pictures

 Happy Birthday to Foxy!
I'm glad we got to celebrate as a family last night.  I'm sorry my rib is out again.  I'm sorry that we scheduled Daughter's oral surgery today.

We had a great time at El Rancho Grande.  I ordered extra white sauce and the kids flipped for that.  I don't like their red sauce they pass for salsa.  To me it is very plain and not hot.
I had chimichangas for supper with beans and rice.  Here is what was left.

I have been trying all week to put new pictures on my computer.  When I woke up this morning, my Droid had an update to install, so I let that happen when I took my shower.  When I came back, all the pictures I sent to my email were finally there.  So I have some new pictures for you.  

A couple of pictures are of Son with his broken nose.  It really isn't too bad.  Just wanted to warn ya.

Here is what Son's nose looked like Monday night.
Here is what it looked like before that. 
So sad.  We are now just waiting for the Ears, Nose and Throat specialist to call.  

Today, Daughter is having her wisdom teeth taken out.  Monday we went school shopping and her is what she modeled.
The jeans were not purchased here.  Too baggy for her.  We got her jeans at Kohl's.  But we got her a couple of cute things.  

And lastly, the marching band's show is called Take Journey with the Monroe Marching Band, featuring Journey songs.  Here is there t-shirt they wear under their uniforms.
We are the Hornets, so they made the wings to be Hornet wings.  Cool, huh?
The back looks like this.  When they are getting ready to go on, this is what they yell.  Field Commander says the white, the band in gold.

Head.  Up
Shoulders.  Up, back, down.
Marble.  Pinched.
Heels. Together.
Back. Arched.
Eyes.  With Pride.
Attitude.  In Your Face.

It's has taken me this t-shirt to learn all of that.  It is intimidating when we hear 70+ kids scream this.

What is your weekend consisting of?  Mine is taking care of Daughter, and going to church and Hornet Day.  The men are going to a car show tomorrow night.  I'm going to buy The Last Song and Daughter and I are going to watch that and Sex and the City this weekend. 

Have a great one!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday Randomness

Last night, Varsity Cheerleader and her BFF TayPen came over to feast their eyes on the now marred face of Son.  TayPen told Son to make a story  about how he hurt himself.  So she came up with 'you were wrestling a bear in the Philippines while training to climb Mt. Everest.'  Too funny, huh?  Unfortunately, Son is pretty honest about stuff like this, and making up a story would get so crazy that he would not remember one story to the next.

So when the girls left, Foxy hollered out to them "Don't do anything I wouldn't do, but if you do, don't name it after me!"  That was too funny!

Quote from Son as they take a ride in the caddy before wheel comes off..."Let's go take a ride in the death trap."

Did anyone else catch that season finale of Hot In Cleveland?  If you haven't seen this show, watch TVLand for the reruns.  Betty White is too funny! Of course she has all the best lines!  It also stars Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves, and Wendie Malick.  All hysterical, funny ladies.  

Tomorrow is Foxy's bday.  Since Daughter is having her wisdom teeth out tomorrow, we are going out tonight as a family to a mexican restaurant that we knew about, but had never been too until last month.  It's called El Rancho Grande.  Yummy food.  Big portions.  I am going to try and not eat much.  

Well, the only thing I have left to say is that I love this...

Everyone who goes past when I am drinking this says it smells like maple syrup.  It is my total favorite thing, and a close 2nd is peppermint mocha.  I use to get peppermint mocha from Starbucks, but I can make it everyday for pennies compared to buying it for $3 - $4 a day.  So I do.  LOVE It!

So what is random about your day?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

I am off to the doctor with Son.  His nose and face reminds me of Eric Stolz's face in MASK.  Remember that movie with him and Cher?  I loved that movie.  Except when Rocky died at the end.  That wasn't fair.

The worst part of this whole broken nose thing is that the hospital tries to be helpful and give us the name of a Ears, Nose and Throat doctor to help.  So when I called this doctor, they told me they were not on our network.  So I called our family doctor, who instead of giving me a name, is making me come in.  I guess he wants to see the fracture for himself. 

So, the hospital doctor gave Son Acetaminophen-Codeine to take by mouth every 6 hrs as needed for four days.  That's 32 pills.  I am not sure we got that much, but thankfully, Son has a very high tolerance for pain.  He only takes one pill after band and one pill around 9:30 pm.  Then he fights the sleep.  I'm sure right now that sleep is elusive.  He was starting to having sinus issues before he broke his nose, and now he can't breathe or put the spray up his nostril to use.  Poor thing!

I'll update everyone tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday's PINT in the ER

Time again to link up with Supah and her Post It Notes!

I thought I wasn't going to have anything to Post today.  Thank goodness for kids!

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