Friday, July 30, 2010

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To Be Or Not To Be...

Last night, we saw Hamlet.  It was a the Cincinnati Shakespeare Theater summer show.  The kids had a hard time following the wordiness of it.  It was a nice cool evening.  The humidity left and we had a cool breeze.   Here are some pictures of the show.

I really, really enjoyed it!

I had forgotten all that it was.  But in the end everyone in the monarchy dies!

Good stuff, William!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday is Garden Day at See Foxes

The garden is slowly, but surely coming in.  I have pink tomatoes, another zucchini, and green beans that need checked.  The watermelon is almost ready too!  Here are some pictures of our messy, weedy garden!

I think my watermelon is just about ready.  They don't get big and oblong, but it is pretty and so sweet!

These are my volunteer cherry tomatoes over on the lower right side, you might be able to make out some tiny tomatoes starting. 

This is one of the four plants drooping with tomatoes!

Look at those!  This one in the middle looks ready to pick, but the other one is still showing some white spots.  But, I'll be canning before you know it!

It's fuzzy, but those are some nice green beans!  Hopefully they can wait until next week for me to snap and dry/can.  We save a bunch for the next year.  
Foxy is drying a bunch of peppers.  I forgot to take a picture of that.  

So, how's your garden doing?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wacky Wednesday! Family Vacations. Good times, good times...

Today I have no idea what to tell about.  Saturday night, I was sitting around with my parents, Daughter and Foxy talking about vacation stories that we used to take when I was a kid.  Here are a few random stories.

  • My dad is a huge history buff.  So almost every trip, there would be a history lesson.  Like when we went over to Eastern Ohio to see the spot where Chief Logan signed a peace treaty and made a big speech under this huge Elm tree.  When we got to the spot, there was no tree, just a big rock that marked the spot!  The tree died a few years before.  
  • We took several trips to outdoor plays in Ohio.  The first was Tecumseh!, a play about a great prophet of the Shawnee tribe. I was about eight years old.  As we were watching, fighting broke out among the soldiers and Natives and they came out into the audience.  One native fell and died right next to me on the steps.  As the scene ended, the stage blackened.  When the lights came back up, I looked over and the dead Indian was gone!   I leaned over and whispered to my dad, "Where'd the dead guy go?"  
  • My dad's family lived in California all of my childhood.  Every four years or so, we would fly out there for a week or so.  When I was a teen, my uncle J and I were walking arm-in-arm looking around Monterey and Carmel and he was explaining that a lot of condominiums were being built.  He looked at me and said, "When you are older, we'll go buy a condom together."  I stopped dead in my tracks and screeched, "WHAT?  Boy did his face turn read when he realized what he said!  LOL
  • Another time, we were vacationing out in California and staying at a hotel called the Brigadoon, with my Uncle J, his wife, Aunt EO and cuz, AD.  Gma was sitting in a chair next to the pool and the rest of us were in the water throwing a ball or frisbee around.  Gpa threw the thing too high and as Uncle J came up out of the water, his swim trucks did not.  It happned right in front of Gma.  Both Uncle J and Gma had beet red faces!  That was the night my mom got mooned at the Brigadoon!  We still laugh about that!
  • We were in South Dakota as teens, visiting Mount Rushmore.  Gpa had heard about these wild burro that you could go see.  So we drove up this dirt road and sure enough there they were.  Stupidly, we got out of the Jeep Wagoneer and got close to them.  My sister had a box of Crunch N Munch and started giving the burros some.  Well, those burro were not wild at all.  They started pushin' in, trying to get at the box.  Sis ran for the jeep, and as she tried to get in the car, the inside door handle or the window handle caught her shorts and ripped them almost off of her.  She got the door closed, but the window was down and this burro stuck it's head in and my sis, being as lady-like as she was (NOT!), hollered, "You stupid, sloberish animal!  Get out!" and hauled off and decked it.  LOL.  Funniest thing ever!
So do you have any funny memories of family vacations? 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Update, July 23 - 25

Happy Monday, well sorta.  For today, the humidity is gone and it is so beautiful out!  I walked outside to the company car this afternoon, and it is wonderful!

My weekend was actually tame.  I am thankful for that.  Here's my update.

Friday, I got off work and Foxy and I took Daughter to see an oral surgeon.  She has to have her wisdom teeth out next month.  Poor thing!  First her gall bladder and now her wisdom teeth.  She says, "I am done with surgeons!"  I don't blame her one bit.  Then we ran some errands, and got Foxy home so he and Gpa could make the trek over to camp to pick up Son and Lil' L. 

I took Daughter out to eat for her b-day and then over to a party for the drill team.  They made their tassels for their boots.  I will show pictures of their whole outfit soon.  Then I went to the grocery and spent the rest of the evening quietly watching Friday Night Lights and cleaning up a little.  Son came home (still on crutches and knee still swollen).  He had such a wonderful time at camp!

Saturday, I went and picked Daughter up and came directly home.  I started cleaning more and doing laundry.  I have decided that I will start doing laundry on Saturday afternoons.  I hung all the laundry out on the clothesline to dry.  Just taking it out there, standing there and hanging it, I had sweat pouring off me.  I use to hang everything except jeans and undies.  I don't use softener, very much and Foxy complains that hanging the clothes makes them nasty and sandpaper-like.  What would he have done 100 years ago?  LOL

Foxy smoked a porkloin for us and Son slept most of the afternoon.  Daughter and I went to the warehouse club and birthday party shopping.  At Party City we bought all this...

At the warehouse club we purchased a huge Boston Creme Pie and had my parents over to eat the smoked porkloin, potatoes, and the dessert.  Yummy!  It was a nice ending to a hot day.

Yesterday, we went to church, then Daughter had BFF and a new friend, Red K over.  They were having a great time and did this to Son's bed.

They thought it would be funny to TP his bed!  LOL.  Kind of a welcome home, thing!

 The last Sunday in July, we have an annual event.  It's called Christmas in July.  We have a Christmas concert.  We sing carols, the Christmas story is read, as well as a story called "The White Envelope."  We have a great time.  It didn't make it any cooler outside, but it makes me think about getting started on my Christmas shopping and as choir director, I have already picked out a cantata for our church choir.   So we were treated to Christmas music.  So that means only 151 days until Christmas!

Friday, July 23, 2010

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My Wee View

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Happy 16th!

16 years ago today, I had just given birth to a 9 lb, 7 oz. baby girl.  She was the most beautiful baby I knew.  She had chubby cheeks, little slits for eyes and lots of black hair.  I knew our lives changed forever.

Daughter was full of energy as she grew into a toddler and loved everyone.  One of our elders at church called her "Smiley" because that is all she did. 

As the toddler years turned into the elementary age, my smiling child became very emotional.  Sometimes just looking at her wrong she would burst into tears.  It took me a while to figure out how to deal with her, but I did.  I still am the only one to do so.  She was shy, wouldn't get in front of an audience, or be the center of attention.  The insecurity of her killed me because I somehow have tons of self confidence.

But all of a sudden, Daughter went into 6th grade.  She wanted to help out with the school back stage during the plays, she tried out for the Junior High/High School dance team and made it!  She was a totally different person.  Everyone saw the change.

Now today she is a beautiful 16 year old girl that I love.  I am proud to call her friend and daughter.  I can't imagine my life without her in it.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

How's Your Garden Thursday?

So today is another update on my garden.  This are coming along nicely.  Especially the weeds. 

These are my watermelons.  My how they have grown.  There are also at least two more on the vine!


We have determined these are Hungarian Wax Peppers.

This is one of three plants of jalepenos.  And see?  Josie Belle is trying to get in on the act! 

Here is one of four tomato plants.  The two volunteers by the porch that I didn't get a shot of are cherry tomatoes.  Foxy and has tied them up twice now, so that means that they are loaded with tomatoes.

Looky, I have green beans!  And it's still budding!

Here's another cuke that we picked tonight.

My poor cabbage is getting eaten alive.  :(  Foxy needs to put some Sevin on it.

Here's some chili peppers.  Foxy loves that one that is a curly-Q.  LOL
And the creme' de la creme'...

We harvest the radishes.  Look at them!

So how's your garden?  If you don't have one you can live vicariously through me!

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