Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Get Her Off!

I am very mad!  I voted, and still America, you picked the wrong one!  Yes, I am talking and ranting about Shannon Daughtery's quick exit last night. 

People, people, people...Did you not pay attention to the other dancers that were much, much worse than her?  I am sorry, but Shannon was showing potential.  Kate Gosselin?  She was a failure.  Why do you want to keep her around?  Yes, I am sorry her family has been a mess lately.  But this show should be about talent, not sympathy.  That is what she played on. I am not afraid to say it.  Kate Gosselin played on most of America's sympathy.  I have watched every season of Dancing With The Stars and I have never seen Tony like this.  She has no reason to stay on this show.  Her talent is not on the dancefloor. 

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Random Stickieness...

Hope your day is great!  Mine couldn't be happier.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

RE: Small Talk Six

Theme: 6 celebrities you had crushes on when you were a tween or teen

The Bloggess over at The Grande Life asks...Who were your six tween/teen heart throbs?     

Well, here are mine....

Andrew McCarthy

Seeing him in Pretty and Pink as the rich guy who saw past "the other side of the tracks" girl won me.  And that hair!  WOW.

Ralph Macchio

Who couldn't love the Karate Kid?  His eyes, his face, that voice?  Major crush going on!

Scott Baio

Even though I watched Charles in Charge, he will always be Chachi to me!

Kirk Cameron

Who didn't like Kirk in Growing Pains?  He was the oldest son that always wanted to do right, yet push it to the limits.  Kirk had the great smile and fun personality.

John Stamos

What can I say about Uncle Jesse?  He sang, he played, he was great with children...and he had the most beautiful hair in all of television.  I wanted him for my uncle!

Matthew Broderick

I love him!  Besides the fact that he is now married to my favorite icon, and he does different roles, Matthew just has that boyish charm that comes from that era!

Who are your heart throbs?  We wanna know!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's a late day.

Today started late.  I got up 10 minutes late, which means Son got up ten minutes late.  We are doing fine now, and he is at school.  Allie just got up and she seems to be much better already.  We just need to get her going on a schedule to keep the pain at a minimum.  Each day will be better.  She is just glad to be home.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Post-It Note Tuesday

Lots of prayers today.  Daughter is having gall bladder surgery today. 

Here are my Post-Its......

I will have an update for you tomorrow!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Update - March 19 - 21

It's been a few days since I last wrote.  So let me recap.

Wednesday evening:  Several of us went over to West Union, OH for visitation.  On the way home, a deer hit Dad's car.  He saw the deer in the median, got over in to the right hand lane and the deer came out at him.  Dad hit the brakes to slow, and the deer hit the car.  There was a bunch of fluffy brownish hair in the headlight, but the only major damage was the front left fender panel.  It is bent enough that it is hard opening the driver side door.  The picture here shows the hair and the small amount of damage.  This is three deer in five years.  I told Dad that it wasn't a sport if you hit one with your car.  The deer did get up and run away, but I bet it has a horrible headache and shoulder pain. Daughter, Son and I were in my car behind Dad, Mom and Aunt Cake Maker.  We actually were not right behind them, so we didn't really see it.  But we stayed with them an hour until the State Patrolman stopped to take a statement.  Son was running around calling his friends, I was taking pictures, talking to them and Daughter stayed in the car.  She wanted nothing to do with any of it. 

Thursday:  Dad and I went to the funeral.  It was a nice service.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday:  The weekend was busy, but not too bad.  Saturday was spend doing errands and helping out at the church. We had a workday at church.  Windows were washed, the kitchen was reorganized, the Men's bathroom was painted and some landscaping was done.   Sunday was church and an extra choir practice, more errands were ran.

Today, I am getting things ready at work for my replacements.  Daughter is having her gall bladder out tomorrow.  Tonight, DANCING WITH THE STARS starts!  Daughter and I are very excited.  I will watch the first hour and then go to the other tv for 24.  I will run in and out to see the ones I want to see...Chad Ochocinco, Evan Lysacek for starters.  Tomorrow I will have a run down of all that is Dancing.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Wacky Wednesday is upon us!  But wait, there's more!  Happy St. Patty's Day! I am a bit Irish, so I can do all the Irish things.  You know, like, eat corned beef and cabbage, wear blue instead of green, have people kiss me... anyway, my heritage is fun and important.  I have heard stories of my great-grandmother who had the best chicken 'n noodles in the city and always had chickens on hand to kill.  She also was a card-playing woman, who every time she lost would throw the cards into the fire and tell how the cards were Satan's tools.  But not a hour later, would send my dad down to the five-and-dime to buy a new pack of cards!   Got to love the temper!

I love to play cards, especially Hearts and Euchre.  When first teaching my sister to play Hearts, my cousin's and I just knew that we could pull anything over on her.  But, the first time she ever played, she won!  She ran the deck.  We were flabber-gasted to say the least.  My parents would sit with me and my friends for hours, playing cards and talking.  My friends always told us that they never had so much fun losing.  You know it has been fun when they lose and still want to come back for more.  But oddly, I married a man who doesn't like playing cards.  He likes board games more, and would play Candyland for hours with the kids.  Uno?  Not his cup of tea.  I don't know if it is his highly competitive nature or what, but he usually stayed away from cards. 

Have a great Wednesday and may the luck o' the Irish be with ye!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!

Here is a picture of Daughter and Son at the chiropracter.  Son is giving her a "hand".

Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Update - March 13 & 14 - Beware of the Ides of March

I actually had a partially boring weekend!  I am really glad about that. 

Woke up early on Saturday and got kids to OMEA band competition.  I thought they did great, though the judges didn't seem to share my opinion.  They had not been to that kind of competition in years, so none of the kids were very experienced with it.  But I loved it. 

Later in the day, my friend called me with terrible news that her mother passed away.  Actually, her husband called and told me.  When they got home that night, I went over there to see her.  There is nothing anyone can say to make this better.  She knows she can count on me and that no matter what, we are "sisters".

Yesterday, we (me, Daughter and Son) went to church, where we had "Birthday Sunday".  One Sunday a month we celebrate all the birthdays in that month.  This month, was my son's bday, another boy in the church, and our new associate minister.  No women.  What does that say for March?  Actually it doesn't say anything.  I know a lot of females born in the third month.

We then came home and spent a quiet day resting, doing laundry and being together.  Then we went back to church, where I led the singing of the evening service and the kids went to youth group.

It was a quiet, but fair weekend.  This week will get hectic, so I will leave it at that. 

Today, is one of my favorite days, the Ides of March?  Do you know where that comes from?

Let me know if you do.

Friday, March 12, 2010

We are So Crazy!

I live about 30 miles north of what The Daily Beast states is the craziest city in the U.S.  When I first heard this on our local Fox affiliate, I looked at my kids, and said,"Cool.  Something to be proud of."  They just smiled like I was crazy.  So I look up what this online magazine/news hoarding of strange info actually said about Cin-City.

Apparently "crazy" means Psychiatrists per capita.  This article also takes into account stress levels, eccentricity, and drinking.  So that is what makes a city crazy?  LOL.  Oh, I didn't realize that.  But Cincinnati won that race over Austin and Las Vegas.    Well we have some very weird people around here.  There are the more popular ones, like the owner of Jungle Jim's who have made public restrooms into an art form.  Then there is our ever-popular band of bad boy NFL players that seemingly love to play with drugs, drink and drive, illegally have guns and beat women.  Not to mention our newest tv dancing sensation that first changed his name to a Spanish influenced number.  Then there are the others that each of the surrounding area 'burbs have on their own stand-outs.  We could go on and on. 

Postnote:  I want it to be known that I totally love the Bengals, but I am not above making my observations about them!

Let's just say that being this close to the crazy city is fun, with the Flying Pig race, Homer Simpson leading the Chicken Dance at Oktoberfest, and today on the radio, I heard the Kiss 107.1 Morning Show "Tim and My Mom Calls Me George", celebrating Alpaca Appreciation Day.  They actually brought alpacas into the radio studio and were taking pictures and learning about them.  This is because a week or so ago, and adult and two kids beat a three-month old alpaca to death for no apparent reason.  How horrible is that?

So the craziness in the Cincinnati area continues.  You just never know who or what will happen next.  So my Friday Five is...What is the craziest things you know of in your area of the world?

1.  We have a castle down by the Little Miami River in Loveland.  It is called Chateau Laroche.  When my father was a boy, he lived down by the place that the castle was being built.  The man, Harry Andrews, let my father and his brothers bring up big stones from the river in exchange for letting them play there.  I have been told they use to jump off the roof .

2.  There was Marge Schott and her Saint Bernard, Schottzie.  She was an owner of the Cincinnati Reds.  She and her beloved hound came to all the home games and was very much a say-what-is-on-her-mind gal.

3.  Up I-75, north that is, from Cincinnati is a huge statue of Jesus with his hands above his head, looking heavenward.  This is a 62-foot white statue that is affectionately called, "Touchdown Jesus".  Of course, it hasn't helped the Bengals win a superbowl.  It does have a hilarious song written by Heyward Banks, called "Big Butter Jesus", that reminds us all to spread the word.

4.   Cincinnati is known all over the world for it's chili (which is not my favorite, but I do eat it once in a while).  

5.  And a couple of hours up the road, there is the office building shaped like a big basket.  It is the Longaberger Home Offices.  

There are I am sure more and I am positive each of your areas can boast some strange and crazy stuff.  But you know what?  We Win!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Teens and Phones

Daughter is not a happy camper.  She has a phone that when she sends a text message and slides the phone down, it turns itself off.  Sometimes it turns itself back on too.

Day 1:  So we took it to the "store".  The helpful people told us it needed a software update.  So they put it on their computers to do that.  Someone had locked the computer, so it needed rebooted.  After 40 minutes, it was decided that the phone could be left there over night or we could bring it back tomorrow. The decision was made to come back the next day.

 Daughter starts asking me about new phones.  We are on "the program", so she is not do for an update for 13 months.  I tell her we will look, but I just got a new phone and we are not sure what is going to happen.

Day 2:  We go back the next day and have the same helpful person.  He put the phone on the computer to do the software update.  We look around, sit around and he tells us that the phone didn't take the download.  So he tries again.  We go next door and get something to eat.  We come back and wait a little while longer.  Luckily the store is not very busy this night.  So the helpful people realize that this is not going to work.  So they offer us a new phone with the update.  It is the same phone, but one that already has the update.  This disappoints Daughter.  I tell her that we need to try this and who knows?  Maybe this will work wonderfully and she will love it again.  If it doesn't work, we will send Foxy down there to kick some phone-people's hineys.  So, she has to wait for the new phone to come on Friday.  It is torture to a teenager, but I hope she understands that the helpful people are trying to make things better.

I don't think she needs a new phone, if this "new" phone will work.  I am not making any promises though.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Here are pictures of Son's 13th bday.  A good time was had by all!!

Friends and family had a great time.

Enjoy the pictures.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Update March 5 - 7, 2010

Well, as normal, my weekend did not go as planned, at all. Friday evening I was at the hospital with Daughter.  She has gall stones.  Our awesome chiropractor saw them called it right.  So we spent about four hours there while Daughter was poked, prodded, stuck, and oozed on.  The ultra sound technician stated that there were some stones and that she saw them.  I was looking at the same picture and all I saw was a big blob that kinda looked like a whale.  A very small, baby whale.  But whatever.  So now I am looking for a surgeon.  She's only 15.  Now we are looking to change her diet to less fatty, fried foods.  She is not happy about that.

We also took Son out for his 13th birthday.  He wanted to go to Hooters.  Here is a picture of him being sung to by his girlfriends.

Don't let the look fool you.  He was loving every minute of it.  We had not been there, and it was hard for Daughter to find something to eat there that was not going to bother her.  It was all fried, and greasy food.  They loved the deep fried pickles and the sandwiches.  I am sure the guys will go back again another day. 

Today Son starts track.  He is going to throw the shot put and discus.  Foxy did the shot put in high school.  So this should be a lot of fun.  I have never been a track mom before.  I have been a soccer mom, a football mom, a basketball mom,  a band mom, and an actor's mom.  But track is a new experience for me.  I am all about new things.

So that was my weekend.  How was yours?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Five

Today's Friday Five is about what you have never done with your family before...or have you?

This weekend, here are five things I am going to try to do with my family that I have never done before.

1.  We are going to walk around Cin-City down at Fountain Square and to several places to see the Canstruction competition.

2.  I am going to try to pay attention to them more.

3.  I am going to make each family member pick a meal for next week that they want to prepare for us.  Yes we still have as many family meals around the table together as possible.

4.     We will talk about a possible vacation.

5.  We go to Hooters.

What will you do new with your family this weekend?  Let me know...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Complaints and Enjoying the weekend.

Sorry for the non-post yesterday. Between the home computer dying, choir practice and the doctor's appointments, it just didn't happen.  Things this week are starting to run together.  Have you ever heard of a fifteen year old having gall stones?  Well it is very possible Daughter has at least one.  Dr. Chiropractor took X-rays and showed us what looked like one.  Well there is family history of young females having their gall bladders taken out.  Not this young, but under 35.  So it may be weird, but not unheard of.

Today has been crazy at work.  First, the person who covers my lunch break and when I go get lunches has been out most of the day.  She had to get her car fixed.  I didn't think anything about it until I realized I needed someone to cover for me so I could go get lunches.  Then it was like a frenzy to get someone to sit here.   Then they complained that it too me too long.  Well, we had talked earlier and I told them I had to also put gas in the car and put air in the tires.  But I was still gone less than 30 minutes.

Also, a VP asked me to order pizza for his meeting.  I did so at 930, specifically asking for the food to be delivered at noon.  At noon-thirty, it had not arrived.  So now I look like an idiot that can't order pizza.  The nameless joint, IMHO, forgot about us.  I called twice, but I feel this is looking bad on me.  I did my part that may be irrelevant.  I hate days like this.

What have I been enjoying this week?  It's been a hard week.  I keep falling asleep like around 9:30 pm or so.  I seem to have been gone almost every night this week.  The weather today is beautiful and it is suppose to be better this weekend.  So I am going to enjoy...

1.  Being with my family.
2.  Downtown in the Big City
3.  Dinner with our church family on Sunday.  I am making Southwestern Bean Soup.  It is to die for!
4.  A movie, not sure which one though.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Meterological Seasons



Post-It Tuesdays

I am trying something new to me.


It worked!  

I am not sure how to get get the link any other way.  But Supahmommy does this every Tuesday.  Go to her blog and click on the Post-It link there!

Spend Less? HA!

I was reading online today that the Postal Service is going to request that they go to a five-day delivery service instead of six days.  I applaud this effort.  In the article I read, the powers that be believe this will help reduce costs because in 2020 there will be less snail mail and more email.  The Postmaster General stated that "we can't freeze wages.  We can't freeze fuel costs." *  Well, why not?  Every other company I know has either froze wages or cut them.  The government can't do that?  No wonder there is debt everywhere?  If our government can't follow suit like the businesses, then who can we look to to help us manage our assets?

A man at work asked me to make sure the bills he put in the outgoing mail gets mailed.  "I hate bills," he stated.

"So do I," I said back.  "How do you get out of them?"

Another person said, "Don't pay them."

"Yeah, but then you get all kinds of nasty mail and phone calls, " I replied.

But seriously, if we can't get the government to freeze their wages and their spending, why should we?  My opinion is because it is the right thing to do.  But what would happen if we all stopped overspending?  Would the world collapse?

Monday, March 1, 2010

He's A Teenager!

Today, is Son's 13th birthday.  He is a handsome, fun-loving young man.  He has always brought surprises to my life.  Like the time he potty-trained himself.  Or the time he and a friend poured oil all over my beautiful, white car.  There has not been a dull moment with Son since the day he was born.

The day he was born, was a cold, rainy Saturday.  I woke up at 5:15 AM very uncomfortable.  I went out to the couch and realized that what I might be feeling was contractions (I never had them with Daughter).  Foxy came out shortly afterward and I told him that I think he should get a watch.  We tested them and they were like 6 minutes apart.  So Foxy called the Doctor and he asked the standard questions because he wasn't my regular doctor, he was the one on call. Foxy told him that we were having contractions and that he was due today.  So the doctor said, yes, come on in.  

Daughter and Navy Daughter were with us, so Foxy called Mom.  It took Mom a minute to realize that this was "The Call", so we got dressed and she came right over.  The girls slept right through it. 

Mom finally got there and we left.  We drove from Monroe up to Kettering.  Foxy took back roads because he knew "every fire and police station in between our house the hospital."  I was having some major pains and told Foxy tearfully, "This better not be a false alarm!"   We got there around 7:00 am and they put us in a room and I immediately requested an epidural.  So the guy came in and gave me the meds and I felt much better.  The doctor came in, popped my water and things progressed quickly.  Mom and Dad brought the girls up to see us.  They all went down for lunch and at 12:30 pm, Son came into the world at a whopping 10 pounds, 9 ounces and 21 inches long.  He was beautiful and looked just like his Daddy (he still does).   

The doctor told me he got bragging rights for delivering the biggest baby in the nursery.  Mom got in to the elevator once, and there were two women talking about the big baby in the nursery.  She told them that she was his grandma.  He apparently was the talk of the floor that day.  See, surprise!  

He has a very special relationship with his grandparents.  He is protective of his grandmother, always telling her that he is going to be the one to take care of her when he is older.  When she had her hip surgery , he made me take him to the hospital everyday to see her.  He just wanted to make sure she was okay.  

The relationship with his grandfather is also special.   When we told him that Dad had cancer, he took it in and within a week, started asking questions and even needed to spend a day with Dad.  He wants my father to teach him to drive (HELP US!), and they are all the best of friends.  Dad teaches him all the "bad" things that I have to correct in both of them and then go to a separate room and giggle about it.  Don't you just hate that?

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