Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Five - Olympics

This week's Friday 5 is brought to you for the last time this year courtesy of the Olympics.  What were your favorite or most memorable moments.

Here are mine:

1.  The gold medal performances by Evan Lysacek, Simon Amman, Shawn White, and Bill DeMong.  If you don't know these gentlemen, look them up.

2.  I have enjoyed that fact that Evgeni Plushenko is so personable and so deeply loved that the makers of his website gave him a Platinum medal over the Gold medal, even though Evan did beat him on content.

3.  The most memorable story to me was the courage that Joannie Rochette had to keep competing even though her mom passed away two days before she performed.  How can one do that?  I would not be strong enough, I think.  And to win the Bronze medal on top of that?  Totally my heroine.

4.  I love that Shaun White and Jeret Peterson are so innovative in their respective sports to keep trying new ideas and bring new stunts to the forefront.  It is so amazing.

5.  I love the hype the tv brings us for each sport.  Especially Apolo Ohno (of course I had to mention him), and the Lindsey Vonn/Julie Mancuso drama.  Sport is sport.  Apolo has done so much already that he will be in this generation's heart as beloved for a long time.  Just like Dan Jansen.  The media has blown the Vonn/Mancuso thing way out there.  But it is entertainment for crying out loud!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Enjoying Thursday

Today is the day of Charity.  I have several things going on.

Today at work we are having our Cheese Coney in Paradise fund-raiser.  So we pay a set amount, and we get all the cheese coneys we want.  I think I can eat two.  It is for a good cause.  Our company participates in a fund-raising event called Canstruction.  The idea of this is to pick from a theme and build from cans of food.  Ours is "top secret", but we are using Kroger tuna cans, green beans and red tomatos.  It will be big too.  8'X8'X8'.  I have seen sections of it, but not the whole thing together.  When all this is done, all the companies involved will donate all the cans to the Food Bank of Cincinnati.  So it is really a "fight hunger" deal.  I think it is so cool.  Last year our company made big color pencils and a pink eraser with the word Erase on it.  Our title was "Erase Hunger".  It was pretty nifty.

Tonight, the band is putting on a spaghetti dinner to raise money for the band.  It is spaghetti, sauce, bread stick, salad and dessert and a concert from all the school bands (5th grade through high school concert band).  It is nice, cause it is another day I don't have to cook.  That is three days this week. 

Also, Gold Star Chili is having $0.99 coneys today, all day.  You can also bring in cans in their NEIGHBOR-HELPING-NEIGHBOR food drive.  Lots of chili, meat and bread today.

So was different ways do you enjoy donating your time, money and efforts to?  Here are mine.

1.  Donating cans for Canstruction and helping where I can to help out.

2.  Going, listening to the kids play is always an enjoyment for me.

3.  I give clothes and other items to Vietnam Veterans or Good will.

4.  I support my church by bringing in non-perishable goods and monetary gifts.

5.  My favorite enjoyment, this time of buying Girl Scout Cookies!  Yummy.

Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

Wacky Wednesday to all!  Today is the 3rd anniversary of the 39th day of my birth.

So in honor of me, I purchased myself something:  the new DROID phone!  WOW.  I have know idea what I am getting into.  So far I like it though.  Everytime I get a text message, it says in a robotic voice, "DROID".  lol.  It is very amusing.   It is very touchy.  I am still getting use to that.  I also need to figure out the apps. 

Does anyone out there have this phone already?  Let me know what you think of it.

Yesterday, I found out that my great-Uncle was missing.  He has since been found.  But there are many wacky facets to this story.  The first wacky thing is how he is double related to me.  He is my maternal grandfather's cousin.  Then, he married my maternal grandmother's sister, thus he is my great-Uncle.

Second, he is 80 years old, and has Alzheimer's.  My great-Aunt still lets him go off by himself in the car at times.  That is scary.  Monday evening, Great-Uncle told Great-Aunt he wanted to talk to Friend (side note:  Friend is dead).  Then he took the van and left.  He went to his son's house and then headed down to Hamilton.  Last time he was spotted on Monday evening was in a small town east of his town. 

Yesterday morning, I saw that he was missing on the local tv news station.  He had gone missing before, but not overnight.  When he was finally found, he had driven into a snowbank, which stopped him from going over into a small creek.  He is shaken, but okay.  I am thankful he was found.  There are a lot of unanswered questions, and I know how stubborn his side of the family is, but, I am not one to judge.  I am just glad this had a happier ending than most.

There have been several older people that have gone missing as of late.  I just say that I think it is our responsibility as their children (or relative closest to them) to keep them out of harms way.  I know it is a strain most of the time.  But that is the way of life. 

Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Update February 19 - 21, 2010

How was your weekend?  Mine was okay.  Nothing too spectacular.  I seemed busy and didn't get the house clean, but that is nothing new.  And this week will be extra busy.

Friday evening, Foxy, Daughter, Son, Daughter's BFF, and I went to eat.  The place we went was celebrating Mardi Gras because last weekend when they wanted to celebrate it, it was snowy and yucky.  So we sat there listening to the crowd, watching the people and admiring the way the waitresses were costumed out.  One had peacock feathers glued to above her eyebrows.  One had feathers glued off her eyelashes - they were much longer and would have driven me nuts, but not her.  Others wore fishnets, mini-skirts, beads, glittery hats and lots of makeup.  Daughter and Daughter's BFF each asked for a glittery hat.  We then came home and I watched the Olympics the rest of the night.  I also found out my mom has pnuemonia.  She is home resting, but in a lot of pain.

Saturday dawned and I had lots of errands to run.  My Edge got it's oil changed, we went to the dry cleaners, the library, and the grocery store.  Then Daughter's BFF came over again, and since it was going to be for a little while, we didn't do anything.  But after it was too late to do anything, found out we could have seen a movie or something.  SIGH.  No fair, but whatever.  So I watched more Olympics!  A lot more!

Sunday came and we went to church.  We heard a great sermon, listened to a wonderful lady sing, and then went and ate a yummy meal for my bday (which is coming up this week).  Then I took Daughter and BFF shopping for shoes and jeans.  We all bought clogs (not Birkenstock, but like the picture only knock-offs), and she bought "skinny jeans".    I have one pair of the shoes, but the threading is coming out and the bottoms are wearing thin in places.  We got a good deal on them, so we were all happy.  Then I went back to church and led singing for the evening service.  The kids wanted BK, so we stopped and got everyone BK for supper, except me (I despise it) and I realized I left my wallet at church.  So I dropped off Foxy and Son and home and Daughter and Daughter's BFF went with me back to the church to retrieve my wallet.  By the time I got home, the men had taken over the tv.  Wouldn't let me watch the Olympics, so I did dishes and got laundry going again.  Then I sat down, started reading and finally they went to bed and gave me the remote.  And surprisingly enough, they ended at a decent hour last night.  So I got to bed before midnight. 

As I said, this week is full of lots of busyness.  Tonight we have a make-up basketball game with pep band.  It is senior night too.  That is always nice.

Tuesday evening, I do get to stay home, but I have to make at least two bundt cakes.  See, when it is your birthday at work, you get to bring in the treats.  Well, instead of going and getting donuts for everyone, I like to take that extra step and make it with love for everyone.  I did that last week for Valentine's for my family.  Son and I made a Raspberry Cheesecake.  I got rave reviews from all who ate some.  That always makes me happy.

Wednesday, we have Praise Team practice and choir.  That makes for a long day 'cuz I don't get home until after 9, and I leave at 7 AM.

Thursday, the Band has a concert and are putting on a Spaghetti dinner.  I don't know if I will be able to help with clean up afterward, but I will try.  I think I will be tired by then.   

Friday, February 19, 2010


It's Friday! Time for the Friday 5. This week is all about the big O! Yeah, the 2010 Olympics.

What are the five high lights you have found so far in the Vancouver Winter Games?

1. Simon Aarmann, the Swiss Ski Jumper, who screamed and let loose when he again, won a Gold medal. I laughed hysterically at him. And he is cuter without his glasses.

2. Loved that Johnny Weir, Men's Figure Skating, work a wreath of roses on his head after his skate. It is so you, Johnny!

3. Love the pants that so many of the Men's Curling Teams have worn. Argyle. Really?

4. I love that Shaun White, Snow Boarding, Half-pipe, took his victory run and was scored higher than on his first run! Hey Judges, he had already won!

5. I loved the side story that Mark Hamilton told on Evan Lysenko. Like Mark, Evan was dealing with the pressure of being the World's Champion too. He kept texting Mark and asking him how to deal with the pressure. Obviously, he took Mark's advice.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Let 'Er Rip!

Here is a TMI for ya all.

Son: I got sent to the Principal's office today.

Me: What did you do this time?

Son: Uh, I let one rip.

Me: What?

Son: I was sitting in Mr. History's class and had to let it loose.

Me (giggling): What made that make you go to the Principal?

Son: Well, Mr. History took a whiff and started choking. Everyone in the class had to evacuate the room.

Mr. History said, "Son."

Son said, "Yes, Mr. History?"

Mr. History said, "Go the Ms. Principal's office."

Son said, "Why, Mr. History?"

Mr. History said, "You know why."

Son said, "Yes, Mr. History."

Son: So I went down to the office.

Me (laughing hard): And what did Ms. Principal say to you?

Son: This is the stupidest reason I have ever heard for sending someone to the office.

Me (tears running down my face): Ha, ha, ha, ha. What did she say?

Son: Next time just hold it in. I told Ms. Principal that I would try, but if my belly started rumbling, it will be coming out!

Me, shaking my head: Go wash up for dinner.

I can never show my face to that teacher. EVER.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

Actually today, in itself has been wacky. First, the kids were on a 1-hour delay.

I had to leave before the kids to go to a dentist appointment. Not smart. I should have taken the day off. Dr. Bob had to fill my mouth full of novacaine, and then full of filling metal. My mouth is now very sore on one side. It was at the top, so I think he stuck my cheekbone.

I got to work an hour late (which was planned) and then we had an off-site company meeting. We went to a Dave and Busters and had a LLLONNNGGG meeting and a quick lunch (which there wasn't enough of). Now back at work to finish the day. The good news is that they did some team building stuff. Each team had to come up with a name and a slogan and cheer. Then we did a trivia of the company. I was lucky enough to be on the winning team, Team Green! We won prizes (each team member) and each prize represented part of our customers. I have Puffs Kleenex, GE Light Bulbs and Charmin toilet paper! LOL Can you guess our company's customers?

Tonight at choir we are going to practice to sing backup for a soloist that will be coming through the area on February 28th. That is different and Wacky because I just found out what songs she wants us to sing with her.

Then lots of Olympics when I get home. I want to thank the TV gods that have the presence of mind to put all other shows on reruns until the Olympics are over. This way no one gets hurts when I start watching them and no one can complain their show is not being watched.

Wacky or not, that is my Wednesday. Hopefully the pain and goofy feeling in my cheek will go away soon. I still taste the novacaine and metal in my mouth. Gross!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Broken Records, Helping Hands and A New Reign

Happy Winter! The latest storm dumped 9 or more inches on the Ohio Valley. The kids get another day off from school.

ALERT: This photo is actually of the storm last week. We have WAY more snow out there now.

The latest storm put the Cincinnati area for 2010 as the most snow in February since they started keeping official records. Furthermore, yesterday the 8.3" that the weathermen recorded was a record for yesterday too.

The storm was so bad that my company actually let us go home an hour and a half early. I actually left about 50 minutes early. I helped out a person in need and waited until a ride was found for her to get home. A friend of mine stayed with us until then also.

Sometimes you just find yourself in weird situations where you want to help, but you don't want to be involved. It is a fine line to helping. One thing leads to another and the next thing you know is that you are forking over money to help their "friends". Luckily this didn't get that far, but I did what I could to help this person out. I know that she got to where she needed to be and that is all that matters.

We are still getting residual effects from the storm and so we are under a Winter Weather Advisory. Most people at this point are so ready for Spring. I, on the other hand, and looking forward to the next storm.

Did you see the the reign of the Russians is over? Well, at least for pairs figure skating in the Olympics it is. Gold and Silver medals went to two Chinese couples. I honestly thought the pair that was awarded the silver medal should have won. Tonight, the Men's figure skating starts. Johnny Weir should cause a major clamor for us. Let's hope nerves don't get in the way like they did last night. I have never seen so many skaters (men and women) on the ice and not in a good way.

I will see what is what tonight.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend Update February 12 - 14

Well, as usual, the weekend did not go as I had planned.

Friday evening, Daughter, Son and I went up to the funeral home. We saw my SIL's, BIL, Niece and husband and Pretty Girl, and all the others. We came home and I watched the Olympics opening ceremonies. Pretty good. Not as good as China's though.

Saturday AM, we got up and went to the funeral. Unfortunately, we ended up being the only ones from our family to make it. SIL because very ill and everyone stayed home to take care of her. She is better now, thank goodness, but it was sad that she didn't get to make it. Foxy ended up being a pall bearer, which he considered a privilege to do. It was very cold at the cemetery, but thankfully it was very short. Then we went back to the church for lunch.

After lunch, and a short time of visiting, we went and watch a wrestling invitational. It was one of the neatest things we did all weekend. There were three matches going on at once and we had so much fun. I got to see our school in action and support them. In fact, my son and husband were in the hallway and two of our wrestlers passed them. Son overhead one say to the other that they saw someone with our school logo on their shirt. The other said, "Really? That is the first non-family member that has ever come to one of these events." That is kinda sad. I am sure it is actually not true, but it did make us feel good that we can do a little something, like support these kids in such a way that they feel they are getting community support.

Saturday evening, was boring for us. Daughter went to watch a dance/cheer competition. We went grocery shopping and then home for more Olympics. I love the Olympics. Have I mentioned that? I watched Apollo Ohno win a silver in the 1500m Speed skating event.

Sunday, Foxy went to work, and we went to church. Then we came home. Daughter and her BFF decided to go see Valentine's Day. I really wanted to, but Son did not. He wanted to go get his special marching band drumsticks. So I took him to do that. Then he and I made Creme' Brulee and a White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake. After the movie, the kids were going to a teen club, but decided against it. So we all just came home and hung out.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Enjoy the Friday Five

I was so busy at work and at home that I really apologize for not posting yesterday. Not that anyone out there (all five of you) really minded.

So I am going to join them together and tell you all the things I plan to enjoy this weekend, and see what comes of it.

1) I am going to enjoy seeing all Mike's family tonight and tomorrow, but I am not going to enjoy the reason (funeral).

2) I am going to enjoy seeing my first wrestling match. The school league is having an All-League Title match with 14 schools right up by where the funeral is. I enjoy supporting our athletes and school!

3) I am going to enjoy seeing the new movie Valentine's Day on Sunday. I have been dying to see this movie.

4) I am going to enjoy making a special treat for Foxy for Valentine's Day. I found a recipe for White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake. OMG! I may make some truffles for some friends at church too. I'll let you know how that goes.

5) Sunday night they are calling for us to get more snow. The 7+ inches have not melted, and looks like it will not for a while. So I will enjoy another round of snow. Most people around here are ready for it to leave. Not me! I want it to last a while longer. I know, I know. I am weird.

Have a great weekend. Spend it with the one you love!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Observations of randomness

On a snowy day in SW OHIO, here are some observations.

*My children are both home because school was cancelled. Apparently, they are getting on each other's nerves. Daughter just txt me and said "Your son is outside in the snow in shorts." When I questioned her further, it was apparently for about 2 minutes because he was salting the driveway. Okay, duh. I think she is tired of him and trying to get him in trouble. He is 12 years old and knows (mostly) right from wrong. I have bigger things to worry about than his attire in this weather. If he wants to freeze his behind off, okay with me.

*My son has also decided that it is time for him to learn to cook. He helped me make the Ham and Cheese Calzones last night, and he is going to make Snickerdoodles today. He also helped with the Superbowl food. I am please to see him taking an interest in cooking. He has always been interested, but just in little parts of the process. Last night, I made him read all the directions, get things out, chop food up and see it through.

*Did you know that the Chinese New Year is Sunday, February 14? Hmm. My husband has to work, so I will have to see about making him a nice Chinese style meal, or just get take out. That would be nice for him.

*Sad news for our family. A long time friend passed away yesterday. She and her family were long-time neighbor's of my husband's family and the kids all still are close. We are sad that she is gone, but it was her time after a lengthy illness. I am expecting Foxy to be a pall bearer for the family.

*Why does the highway crews stop at the county line on the highway and not scrape the whole highway? My county does great with the care of getting the snow off the highway. The next county down, does nothing! Of course, I work in that county. So we went from 45 mpg to 20 mpg and creeped into work five minutes late. Luckily, my company doesn't get to upset at that.

*I have not observed one snowperson built. I am sure they are out there, but I have not seen any. I have seen a lot of vehicles in ditches, though.

*I have observed that more people came to work today than yesterday. I think the weather was worse yesterday, but the roads were better. I am not sure why though. If more people drive on the snow and it gets pressed down or cleared out, it should be better with more people, right? Not in Cincinnati, it seems.

*I also observed that Puxatawney Phil!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Update February 5 - 7, 2010

I am so happy...the New Orleans Saints Won! I have been a Saints fan for a long, long time. At least 15 - 20 years. I always loved that they were the underdogs, but not any more! On top of that, I won in our office football pool. I was jumping up and down and dancing! Son looked at me and said, "Mom, I need to ask you to step out of the room because of your excessive dancing." LOL It was hysterical. I didn't care, though.

We had our own little Superbowl party. We made this sandwich ring (see above). We also had chicken chunks, chicken thighs, cheesecake brownies, and chips and dip. Not a huge spread, but it was filling for us. Son, Foxy and I enjoyed our time watching the game, commercials and all. Daughter ate and then spent most of the time in her bedroom. She is not a football fan. Her time is coming though. March 22nd is when Dancing With The Stars starts again.

Saturday we spend the day at home. I used the snow blower on our driveway. There is a lot of vibration to that. The weathermen are talking about at least five more inches. You never know about the weather in the Ohio Valley. We (me and Son) watched the movie Up. I really enjoyed it. I thought Ed Asner and Christopher Plummer was wonderful. It was a smart, funny movie. If you have not seen it, you should. Even if you do not have kids.

Friday night I just made it home when the snow started falling. That was good for me. Son had an MRI because he is having a lot of headaches. They are not classifying them as migraines though. We will find out the results later this afternoon.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Five

Here is SW Ohio, we are under a Winter Weather Warning. My county may get 6 to 8" of white death this evening and beyond. Now for a lot of you this is no big deal. For us, it is a bit more than we are use to, but as long as I get home before the majority of it starts to build up, then I am okay with. In honor of the storm, today's Friday 5 is about Preparing for a Storm. What do you do to get ready for a major weather event? Here is what I do...

1. I talk to everyone I know about the weather. Do you believe the weather people? I get lots of opinions and make sure everyone knows the latest and greatest on the subject at hand.

2. I start preparing a menu. I love to make lists.

3. I go to the store and stock up. Last night I got enough food for a week and a half. Now if it will just last that long.

4. I make sure that there is a lot of books and the electric company is paid for.

5. I usually make sure I have gas in the car. I do have enough for now.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'll Take that Challenge!

Last night after choir practice, Allie, Timm and I were driving home. We took a detour to the BMV to see what time it closes. Well, Thursday it closes at 5. I can not get off work to take her and Mike is working. So I said, "Maybe Daddy can take you after school Friday, but it depends on the storm and oh, wait, Timm has a doctor's appointment. Besides, if the weather gets as bad as they say..." I let my sentence drop off.

Allie sighed.

"Saturday will be out of the question too." I continued.

Allie looked at me and said, "God is challenging me." She looked upward, raised her fist, and said, "God I accept your challenge!"

Do we do that? Do feel like we are being challenged at every turn and do we rise to the occasion and accept what is happening and vow to overcome? Sometimes we do, sometimes we don't. It is all in our attitude. If you are sick, and going through a rough time, like Timm and his headaches, what do you do? Do you sit back, cry why me and wait for an answer? Or do you go to doctor after doctor, do what they ask and stay positive? Or what if you are going through a financial difficulty? Where do you turn?

I honestly can say that I usually hate when God is challenging me to do better. I know in the end that I will love the outcome, but the struggle I put up is wearisome. So why do I struggle? Probably because I am human and I am rebellious. I try not to be, but let's face it, we want things our way, not God's way.

John 14:6 Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

So let's vow to be up to the challenges we face. God wants more of us. We want more of us for Him. Are you up to the challenge?

I Enjoy Talking With Her

Daughter is just full of good, little funny stories. Last night after choir practice, we went past the BMV (Bureau of Motor Vehicles) to get actual times it is opened and closed and when. We found out that it closes at 5 PM Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday; 6:30 PM on Tuesday, and
2 PM on Saturday. So we were discussing when would be the best time for her to take her test. I don't get off until 5 PM and Foxy works until late, so tonight isn't it. Foxy is off tomorrow, so maybe right after school tomorrow (but then there is the threat of the impending winter storm coming; if it is just rain, then okay, but if the freezing rain and snow start...nope. So if it is bad tomorrow, then it will surely be back on Saturday AM. They are saying 3 to 6 inches. For SW Ohio that is acceptable, but not with the ice underneath.) So as we are talking about this, Daughter says, "God, why are you challenging me? Well, I accept your challenge!" I start cracking up! I so enjoy talking with her. I told her, "Oh, you are so in my blog tomorrow!" Then Son piped up from the backseat and said, "Don't put me in your blog." Oh, I just did, Son. So there!

Thursday is my day to list what I have enjoyed this week. Here we go!

1. I have enjoyed reading my new friend's emails. She is a Major stationed in Afganistan and each week she send an email about her weeks. Tomorrow I will probably put more about her because of the way we met.

2. I enjoyed the danishes and donuts my co-worker brought in to celebrate his birthday. I had a danish that was shaped as a figure 8. One side was filled with apricot jam. The other side has a glaze on it (I am saving it for tomorrow or later).

3. I am enjoying cd I am listening to in the Edge every AM while driving to work. It is our Easter Cantata, "My Chains Are Gone". I am sure everyone that looks at me thinks I am nuts for talking to myself. I am actually singing, though.

4. I so enjoyed the last 10 minutes of 24. I do love the thrill of that show!

5. I am also enjoying getting things together so that we can have our very own Super Bowl 44 party. I always fix snacky foods and this year a sandwich ring. I will have more on that on Monday, though. GO SAINTS!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

Last night, I helped Daughter order her class ring. It will be so pretty! Her ring will be silver with her birthstone, Ruby, her nickname inscribed on the inside DINGY. On one side will be the school mascot with her Name, and on the other side will be a drill team design. The stone will be diamond cut, of course. My girl has taste! But she is practical and has kept the ring under a big price.

Yesterday, Foxy took Daughter to get her SS card, because I can not find the original. So it was relatively painless and they gave her a paper that she can show to get her temps. The problem is that there may be a winter storm coming, so she wants to go like tomorrow and try and get them. Well we will see if that will be possible.

Daughter was talking to the Best Friend about getting her license. Best Friend asked me if she did pass her test, would I let her drive home? Uh, yeah I guess I would. Daughter looked at me and said, "What? I would get to drive? Uh, that is a lot of pressure now!" Is that funny or what? I guess that is what the wackiness is. If the state of Ohio will give her her temps, I guess I can go along with it and let her chauffeur me around for a few hundred hours. As soon as every one's nerves calm down, then it will all be good. I hope. Pray for me!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Take out a loan for this one!

It's Tuesday! Tonight we are going to order my daughter's class ring. The picture you see is my class ring. Isn't it awesome that I can still wear it? I think so. Daughter sat down with us and showed us the catalog and let us help her decide what to get. She is not much into jewelry, but both Foxy and I had our rings and showed them off to her and The Boy. Ha, ha! (I am laughing because Foxy can't get his on. I am hoping he is wanting to work on that soon, though.)

Anyway, mine is gold with a amethyst starburst stone, musical notes on one side, a warrior head on the other, and that's about it. Cool, huh? Yeah, I know, the picture is fuzzy. What a great shot of my skin! EWWW! So what was your class ring like. I am hearing that this is going to cost us a small fortune. Sigh. What doesn't these days?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend Update January 29 - 31

We are in February, already! January sped by before I could catch it. Now into the month of love! Are you planning anything special for your lover? Mine has to work that weekend, so I may have to be creative.

This past weekend was not anything like I thought it would be. Friday night we (the kids and I) rented some movies, did some errands and grocery shopped. We rented four movies...I Love You Beth Cooper, Fame, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, and Dance Flick. Of the four, I really liked I Love You Beth Cooper and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Dance Flick was the one my son picked out. Stupid, stupid, STUPID! The last time we let him pick a movie, we went and saw Super Hero Movie or as my daughter and I call it, Stupid Hero Movie. So, yeah, we vowed then never to let him pick out another movie, but what did we do? Apparently had memory disfunction. That movie was as stupid as they get. I shoulda known. But we survived.

Saturday we were going to go let my daughter take her temps tests. But as we were getting ready, we found out that we couldn't because I can't find her SS card. I have the boy's and both of their birth certificates, but not her SS card. I actually cleaned my bedroom and still didn't find it. So tomorrow, Foxy has to taker her down to the SS Office and apply for a replacement. So there were lots of tears and yelling and sadness.

Yesterday, son got up with another headache, the rest of us went to church and work and then I went with my dad to see my friend's father who is in the hospital. Then I came home, did dishes and started laundry. Kinda of boring. Though I did find out that the boy had made a Facebook page behind our backs. So there was some talking and punishments handed out.

What a boring weekend I had!

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