Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Positive Thoughts for Wednesday

I am deciding that even though they may be random, they are positive thoughts too.

1. Today is payday!

2. This may be my longest day of the week, but it is also a lot of fun!

3. I get to go pick up lunches for people today and later I get to pick up the car from the repair shop. Yay! I don't have to sit behind my desk all day.

4. My dad seems to be getting better. This is a wonderful thing.

5. Less than 4 months until Christmas!

Monday, September 28, 2009


Do you like to be scared? Do you like to go to haunted trails, house, or caves? Well, our family does not. But this weekend, my daughter's BF had his bday party at Kings Island's Fearfest. She tried to tell him that she hates that stuff, but she went anyway because she did not want to bail on him. When we got there, there were creatures milling around, like in the movie Halloweentown (Disney). She was not thrilled. The rest of the kids headed out to a trail or train or something and she dug her heels in and stayed with me and BF's Mom (I helped drive kids to and from KI).

She watched a show with us and we walked around being screamed out by creatures and it really freaked her out. I tried not to make eye contact, but this kind of evening is just not what we ever do or what we enjoy. It upset BF some, but he was warned.

So the the next day, BF was with us and tried to talk to my daughter about this. Apparently his mother told him that daughter was very immature in her actions because she didn't go off with them and try to have fun. She also told him that she is too attached to me and that daughter needs to grow up and BF shouldn't hang out with her anymore because she stresses him out too much.

Well this has ticked me off. I have honestly tried to get daughter to go out and do things on her own. She hardly won't. Not everyone is into scary things. Maybe she is too attached to me, but I don't mind it. I love knowing what is going on with her and her friends and I love that she can talk to be about everything. I do agree that she stress about things and worries about things too much, though. I have tried to tell her that boyfriends and situations will work out, but it's hard for a 15-year-old to hear that. Daughter won't hardly go over to a friend's house unless she really gets to know them and she hasn't spent the night with anyone in a very long time. It really upsets me that this mom is a)trying to tell her kid who his friends should be and b) that she is kind of taking shots at my husband and my parenting skills. I have raised my daughter this best I can and I know she doesn't lie and she isn't deceitful. I know for a fact that this parent's kid has been lying about things to her for months, but I don't feel it is my place to interfere. I will not do that to him. But she isn't the person I thought she was.

Does anyone else have an opinion on this?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Fave Fives

Here are my Friday Fave Fives for this week....

1) Tonight is Friday Night Lights!

2) My son's 7th grade football team won their first game!

3) I took my daughter and bought her first homecoming dress. She is so pretty in it.

4) I made terrible chili this week. My husband doctored it up and now it tastes awesome!

5) This week was the week of premieres for all my favorite shows! CSI's, Grey's Anatomy, Dancing With the Stars, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Criminal Minds...I am a junkie.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

1. I cried this AM because I found out Patrick Swayze died.
2. My boss is back from vacation.
3. Why does it seem that I have been in a depressed mood for the past 2 days?
4. My closest friend has the cutest BF.
5. For the second time this year, the remote in the conference room has gone missing. WTF?
6. If Helen Keller fellin the woods, would she make a sound?


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