Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Update

What a cold, busy weekend.

Friday night we traveled north to the away football game.  We saw some great friends, and it was cold.  Brrr!

Saturday, we were up fairly early to go to a band competition.  It was only the fourth time the marchers had competed.  It was cold, they did terrific, and we had fun.  We got home in time for supper.  Daughter went to babysit and Son went with his friends to Kings Island's Fear Fest.  Foxy and I stayed home and rested.

Sunday, Foxy went to work.  Daughter and I went to church.  We then picked up Son so he could go mow at Gpa's.  Then Daughter and I went to a college fair.  That was fun.  She was so many different colleges that interested her.  Her top three (at this moment) are University of Indianapolis, Otterbein College, and Wilmington College.  The second two are in Ohio, and not far from home.  She is looking for a small college that is not far from home.  She wants to be a teacher.  I am so proud of her for knowing what she wants in a school and a lot of particulars.  She has a lot of colleges and a year before she has to start applying, but the earlier we start, the earlier we know.  She takes the PSAT in 9 days, so I wish her luck for that.

This isn't too bad of a week.  It's suppose to get warmer every day.  I'm applying to everything I see, and hopefully something turns up soon.  Have a great day!

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