Monday, July 27, 2009


Friday afternoon, I took Allie to the doctor for a physical for band. It was the usual physical. They weighed her, took her height, read her blood pressure. Then the doctor came in and asked his set of questions. He took the little hammer and started checking her knee reflexes. Her knees were not responding well and she was laughing. I told the doctor that my knees were the same. So he told her to put her hands together with palms facing each other, held up to her chest and elbows out. So she did that. He then checked her reflexes again. That satisfied him. Then he asked her to stand up and he checked her posture. He told her to turn around. Allie did a 360. The doctor rolled his eyes and said, "No, turn around." Then he stopped her when she was facing away from him. She laughed and said, "You said turn around." He told her to touch her toes. She bent down, touched the floor and stood back up. Doc said exasperated, "Slowly." So she went down again and he checked her spine as she stood up. By now I am just rolling with laughter. Next the doctor told her to squat down. She turned to him and said, "What does that mean?" He said squat down. So she tried to, but she ended up falling to her knees. By now this comedy was too funny for either of us to not be laughing. How the doctor was putting up with us is beyond me. He then asked her to squat and walk like a duck. Now can you see Allie doing that? She couldn't do it. So the doctor told me that he thinks she can't do that because of her knocked knees. She said, "I have a disability?" I told her, "Yeah, you do. A lot of them."

So later, when we were driving home, I asked her if she realized why the doctor made her put her hands together when he checked her reflexes. She said, "No, why?"

"Because he wanted you to concentrate on something other than your legs."

"He did? Oh, I thought he was checking my hands or arms. I thought it was scientific!" She said in wonderment. I laughed and told her, "Oh I am going to blog this!" So I did.

Some days it's an adventure to be with Allie. God gives us laughter because he loves that musical ringing in our voices.

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