Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The count down begins...

for our birthdays.  Son and mine.  I get to go first.  Yay me!  I have eight days.  He has 13.  We are both deciding what to do.  I think I want to go out to eat, so I don't have to do dishes that night.  I like doing dishes, but some times it would just be nice not to.  You know?  I'm thinking of The Melting Pot. I have never been, but melted cheese and melted chocolate?  What could be better?

As for Son, I am not sure what he wants to do.  It will be his 14th, so I am hoping nothing too crazy.  Maybe a couple of friends over and an all-nighter of movies and PS3 games.  That would be cool or not.  I think I am not sure what they consider "cool" nowadays.  Maybe some Graeter's Ice Cream for him.  Yummy!

It's a cloudy day here in Cincy.  But it's suppose to get up into the 50s.  Woo-hoo!  The only problem is that you do not know how to dress.  Do you dress warm in layers and take things off, or do you dress for comfort and try and keep warm?  I opted for trying not to dress too warm.  Son, on the other hand, wore shorts and a flannel shirt to school.  Which way did he go?  I'm not sure.  In fact, Daughter came to me and asked, "Did you see what your Son is wearing?" does not match.  He had on a purple/black plaid flannel and blue, white, black plaid shorts.  Do I have to get him color-blind tested?  

Daughter's knee is not better.  Monday Foxy took her to the doctor.  Doc told her that there is inflammation behind the knee.  Wear the brace except to sleep, eat Ibuprofen 2 - 3 times a day, and ice it.  Come back in two weeks and then we will see what's up.  So last night there was no dance for her.  She was bummed, but she ended up having a big project for Science.

Foxy had the Ranger worked on.  It's almost ready for everyday use.  Daughter is so waiting for that.  Then she will get use of the Saturn.  That will make her happy. 

So who watched Glee last night?  Do you have Beiber Fever?  It was, as the kids would say, "aight".  Not my favorite episode, but I still found something to chuckle and smile about.  The new girl, Lauren, that Puck is enamored with sang, "I Know What Boys Like."  I crack up at her and her trying to figure out if Puckerman really knows what he likes.  You know?  Her performance was pretty funny when she finally got over her stage fright.  I laughed out loud at Mr. Shu's appalled look.  It made my night!

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