Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Save the Date - A Review

Save the Date is a fun story about woman, a man, and how they find love in an arrangement that they seem to be going against their beliefs, and finding out that God always has a plan.  Even if they are reluctant or even running away from God, he still seems to be able to bring together with a few suprises thrown in.

Lucy is a young woman who is helping other young women find their way through high school, life and beyond.  She finds that the main funding for the home has been cut and she desperately wants to find a way to keep it going.  In comes Alex, a blast from her past, who is a football star turned candidate for Congress.  In both their lives, love has not worked, and family life has had it's struggles.  But they become unlikely companions, helping each other meet needs and finding out that what they thought was going to happen, turns into a bigger, deeper relationship with each other, as they fight their feelings and their situations. 

The author, Jenny Jones, has a real knack for bringing you into the world she created and you feel as though you are the character.  Her writing about faith, how you can feel like you are disappointing God, yet still see that as humans we do make mistakes and can still have God's love around us.  Save the Date was a fun, wholesome read that brings you in to the setting and leaves you wanting more.  I'd love to see a sequel to this story!

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