Monday, February 7, 2011

Another busy week!

Another busy week is starting.
This weekend was exciting for the family.

Friday, the guys purchased a BIG LED/LCD 47" tv.  So they are happy.

 This is Son at the free throw line.

Saturday, Son's 8th grade team won their first tournament game and will play again tomorrow.  It was a good win and Son added another point to his stats.  So they play tomorrow evening at 7:30.  It's a 40 minute drive from the house and I have a band booster meeting and daughter has dance. But Foxy is going to get off early to go support our kids, as well as Gpa and Gma.
Yesterday we had lunch after church and then a party for the teens for the Superbowl.  That was a good game (if you are a Packers fan).

Today is easy, Son just has baskeball practice.

Tomorrow, there is a band booster meeting, the basketball tournament, and dance.  Dance is a little iffy because Daughter is having some problems with her knee.  We are seeing a chiropractor at the moment, but she text me today and told me it really hurts.  She is icing twice a day, taking Ibuprofen, and wearing a knee brace.

Wednesday is praise team practice, and choir.  If and when the boys when their basketball game tomorrow, they will have practice again and a game on Thursday.

So, yeah another busy week!

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  1. My busy season is just about to get underway. Baseball season is starting. I really need to figure out how to split my self into two.


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