Friday, February 11, 2011

Really,? It's Friday!

 - To the woman driving the car that was trying to get in the lane on the highway that everyone else was trying to use to get ON the highway...Really?  You couldn't wait 600 more feet to move over.  I know that it's a nasty area of highway, but Really?

 - To the person driving the SUV that almost tipped when it swerved between the semi and the compact car, then went over another lane...Really?  You could not have slowed down and went behind the compact?  (I would have liked to seen that accident.)  Really?

-To Lindsay Lohan...Really?  You want attention that bad and think that you are above the law that much?  You need help, but Really? 

-To the President of Israel...Really?  There is over a million of your countrymen that seems to think you are wrong.  How can all of them be wrong and you be right?  Really?


  1. Lindsay is playing Russian roulette. the president of egypt is crazy to hang around as long as he did with the protesters. rose

  2. Amen to all four! Especially #3. She so needs to get over herself!!!


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