Thursday, May 17, 2012

Busy Thursday!

So this has been a busy week.  I now have a full time job as an Assistant Manager that I am in training for and we  have church, school, marching band meetings going on.  It's a busy time.  Today is my day off.  We are going to plant some of the garden.  I am very excited about this.  I will take pictures to document.

I also found out that a lilly (I think) that I planted in the front of the house last spring is coming up and about to bloom.  That is something I am very excited about.

This next school year, our daughter will graduate high school.  So I told hubby that we have until next April to get landscaping done for this because I would like it nice for that.  He wants to do that back too.

So I am up and ready to get our planting going.  Tonight we have a Mandatory Marching Band meeting tonight.  Since I am the Booster President, I get to make a speech.  O joy!  I have to plan that out.  I also have sign up sheets for volunteers for everything.  I hope I can motivate others to get this done.

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