Friday, May 18, 2012

It Must Be Time for the Garden!

It's Friday!  We chocked full of goodness and busyness this weekend.  Both Foxy and I work all weekend.  Daughter has a birthday party tonight, a band meeting with her classmates tomorrow morning, and her and Son are going with my parents to a relative's wedding.  Sunday she will be studying for finals.  Son is going to Gpa's to help out, then having his girlfriend over tonight for a while.

Yesterday, Foxy, Son and I planted the garden.  Gpa is planting the lettuce (of which he gave me some yesterday), peppers, tomatoes, radishes, cabbages and brussel sprouts.  We are planting the squashes, you know, zucchini, watermelon, cucumbers, and beans.  We have three little plants of volunteers, which are things that just come up where ever they may.  These are cherry tomatoes.  So that is exciting.  Here are some pictures of the beautiful day and garden.

Foxy and Son getting the bean fence up.
 We are trying a box garden.  Right now it has Chillie Slims planted.
 Ain't it pretty?
 The first watering.

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