Friday, January 28, 2011


I'm not doing well at keeping this blog posted everyday, am I?  Well, with Dad's surgery, basketball games, church, and crazy busy at work it's been a week, I tell you.

First, Dad had a stent put in the back of his heart.  It was blocked 70 - 80%, but now he's good as new (so to speak).

Second, Daughter did not make the play.  She was told by the director that her and the choreographer fought for her because she had an excellent audition and was one of the best dancers there, but the musical director got the last word.  I think because she isn't in choir (for one thing) and the girl that got the part is in a grade older than her, is the reasons she didn't get in.  And they are not having a big cast.  It's West Side Story. They don't have a chorus, just the 20 characters or so.  Weird, I think.  Daughter was disappointed, but the drama director (who is also her English teacher) told her to try out next year and she would definitely get a part.  Big words, huh?

Work has been crazy busy this week.  this is good for the receptionist, me.  People are feeding me things to do.  I like that.

This weekend looks fairly quiet too.

Tomorrow, early, Son has a basketball game.  Then Daughter is babysitting.  I just have grocery shopping to do.
The rest of the weekend will be quiet (I hope).

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. I totally understand about the being busy. And mind is fixing to get worse. Hope you have a great relaxing weekend! Mind is already jam packed full.

  2. Glad your dad is doing well. My MIL had one put in about two years ago and is doing great. So sorry your daughter didn't get the part. I pray that she will try again next year, I would hate to think that something like this would stop her from a dream of hers. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. i haven't been blogging for sometime since before xmas you atleast are better than myself sounds like alot of things going on. i wouldn't worry about blogging everyday. i can't figure how anyone can keep up that pace. it's late here but i'm very awake that's why i'm on the computer, but this pace will get me. take it slow goodnight rose


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