Friday, March 18, 2011

What's in your Weekend?

This has been a better week than last.  No one got sick, though I think I have a rib popping out of place.  Still the news in Japan is not good.

Today, Foxy is going to have some construction therapy.  He is ripping the floor out of our bathroom and replacing it.  Then he is going to fix some drywall and put up some tile.  I hope he can take pictures of before (I never think to do that!).  Then we will post the progress.  I hope we can get most of it done this weekend.

Son is "doing" track this year.  He is throwing the shotput, like is daddy did.  Last week, they made everyone run 200 meters.  He was the second quickest.  None of us ever knew that he was.  So now they are making him run too.  He doesn't care to run, but he loves to beat the kid that comes in third.  That kids seems to not be happy that Son can run as fast and a little faster than him.  LOL. 

Daughter and boyfriend are going to dinner with friends, kind of a double date.  Then they are going to the other girl's house to watch a movie called Human Centipede.  Boys and their weird movies!

Son and his girlfriend is going to Girlfriend's BFF's birthday party tomorrow evening.  Should be interesting.

Foxy and I will be home tonight and tomorrow.  He works on Sunday for overtime, though.  Tomorrow I am going to search for a curved shower rod.  That should be fun. 

What are you doing this weekend?

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