Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekly Dancing With The Stars Update

This week left me a little underwhelmed.  There were a few stand-outs, though.

First up, was Sugar Ray and Anna doing a jive.  Sugar wasn't too sweet.  You can tell he is trying, but he put the emphasis on the wrong thing.  He needs to work on technique and the rest will come.

Next was Kendra and Louis doing a quick step.  It was pretty rough.  Foxy's reaction was that make-up helps her a bunch!

Chelsea Kane and Mark did a jive that I thought was pretty amazing.  It would have been a terrific free-style.  If you didn't see it, find it on You-Tube.  The judges didn't like it at all.  But I did.

Jericho and Cheryl's quickstep was entertaining, and fun.  He is a stand-out.

Petra and Dimytri's jive was just...awkward.  Last week Len said that the jive is hard for tall people and he was right.  This week, Len nailed it, short skirt, long legs just was, not good.

Kristie and Maks did a really good quick step.  She is more graceful and I think surprises a lot of people.  Last wee my mom stated that her mouth may get her in trouble, but I don't think so.  Go girl!  In a weird moment, Maks kept whispering to Kristie during the judges critics.  Then as they were leaving, Maks reached over and pinched Tom Bergeron's butt.  What The Heck?  Thankfully Tom just took it in stride.  LOL

Mike and Lacey's jive was just...well here is what I put in my notes.   Poor, pigeon-toed guy.  LOL  I will say this, he seems to be determined, but I think his time may be up.

Romeo and Chelsea had a really good quick step.  The boy is good.  And, there were no jokes about his father.

Wendy and Tony went next.  I think she's more talk and less talent.  She needs to loosen up.  She looked so stiff.  Foxy says that she has morals because she didn't want her breasts shaking around everywhere.

Next was Ralph and Karina.  Did you know that Ralph named his son Daniel?  That was his Karate Kid character name.  Anyway, I liked his jive.  I liked it better than the judges. 

Steeler's player, Hines Ward and Kym were last.  He was Ricky Suave'.  It was a good quick step.

My stand-outs were Chelsea Kane, Chris Jericho, Kirstie, Ralph and Hines. 


  1. Kirstie has surprised me with being better than expected. But she's so out of breath by the end of every dance. That worries me.

    I might be a little biased since I'm a Steelers fan, but Hines is my favorite.

  2. My favorites are Kirstie, Chelsea, and Romeo.

  3. I also loved Chelsea and Marc I thought it was pretty amaizing!

    Kirstie has been a total surprise for me I think she is pretty dang good

    I love Ralf he is waaaay better than I expected

  4. I'm still rooting for Kirstie even though I don't watch.


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