Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday's Dancing With the Stars Update

Last night was the Premiere of Dancing With the Stars, Season 12.  The cast is not all familiar to me, though I have heard most of their names.  I had already picked my favorites before any dancing had started, and I'll let you know if I have changed my mind yet.  I do not remember the exact order of the dancers this week, but that is okay.

First up was Chelsea Kane.  My kids had to tell me who she was. Apparently she was on the Jonas Brothers show on Disney.  She is a cute girl, with lots of potential.  I did like her gentle spirit.

Next was Hines Ward.  What.a.Smile! That is the first thing you notice about him.  But, my first impression of him was, I like him in his Steelers football uniform.  He doesn't seem so ferious, you know?  I agree with Bruno, he needs to wake up his hips!  He is funny to watch in the clips though.  Not too bad, may be fun to watch.

The one Foxy was wanting to see was Wendy WilliamsHe says she's the next Oprah.  Whatever.  I hope she can do better than last night.  Not too impressive.

Petra Nemcova was next.  She is cute, but she is one of the three, I really knew nothing about.  It will be fun to see her.  She doesn't seem too pretentious for a Supermodel.  But, we'll see if the diva in her comes out.

 The contestant with the most to prove was Romeo.  I remember him from his days as a Nickelodeon star with his own show, The Romeo Show.  He was suppose to be on on Season 2, but got hurt and then his father, Master P stepped in.  That was disastrous!  Anyway, they made him dance to a song called "Romeo".  How weird that had to be.  But he did a good job.  The boy can at least pick his feet up off the ground.  Tom Bergeron (the MC) told him he danced more in that two minute dance than his dad did all of season 2.  LOL  That was classic!

Sugar Ray Leonard, the former boxer, was not one I really remember.  He didn't strike me either way, as good or bad.  That says it all.

Kendra Wilkinson is not someone I would say I know anything about.  I know she was a playboy.  Did you see Hugh Heffner there?  He was!  But she just looked awkward.  Not sure what it was, but my mom and I were texting during the show and she said that Kendra reminded her of Kate Gosslin.  Ewww.

Next was my first pick.  I am so a Karate Kid fan, so of course Ralph Macchio is it!  It was also funny that they gave him and Karina (his partner) the song "Ain't That A Kick in the Head".  He did the best foxtrot I have seen from a first week, and his showmanship and talent were really good.  All I could text my mom was "WOW!".  She test back "Exactly."  

Then came Chris Jericho made me giggle when he danced.  The song he danced to made Foxy holler out.  It was Should I Stay or Should I Go by The Clash.  Okay, to answer that question, Go!

The next person was Mike Catherwood.  I have know idea who he is, but I do know this.  That was just bad.  He said it the best, there is not a dancer inside him waiting to get out.  He reminded me of Kenny Maynes.  That bad.

Kirstie Alley  was a whole better than I figured her to be.  My mom says her mouth will get her in trouble, but I'm rooting for her.  There is just something about her.

So there you have it my (and my mother's) opinions on the opening of DWTS Season 12!  I'll put something up each Tuesday about the night before's show.  Have a great day!


  1. Yeah I was quite shocked myself at Kirstie Alley.

  2. I don't watch the show but I'm rooting for Kirstie Alley.


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