Thursday, March 3, 2011

Confession and a busy week.

I'm a day late and always a dollar short.  But, I am here.  This has been a busy week.  Tuesday was Son's birthday, and sadly we didn't get to do anything fun for him.  Except Daughter and I stopped after dance class and bought some of his favorite UDF Ice cream.  We did get to see him dressed up one last time for basketball.  The school at their Jr. High Winter Sports Awards.  Son did achieve an award for his grades.  He carried a 3.3 GPA during the season.  Way to go, Boy!

Last night was church and choir practice.  That's always a good time to be with others.  Tonight, I will go from work, directly to the school and help serve spaghetti for the Band Fundraiser and Concerts.  I hope I am going to get to hear the kids play.  They don't play until 7:45 and 8:00 PM, respectively.  Foxy is working, so Daughter and Son are driving themselves to the dinner and meeting up with Gpa and Gma. 

So tomorrow night, we are taking Son out for his dinner.  He wants to go to Red Robin.  Mmmmm.  Then Saturday I am getting my hairs colored and trimmed.  We are suppose to find time to clean the house before Son's friends come over for his party, but so far, that hasn't happened. 

I'm going to make a confession.  In November, when we put up our tree, we threw the cardboard box out.  We had every intention of going to get a duffel-like bag to put the pieces of the tree in, but...we didn't.  So now we have the tree still up in our living room.  We need to take that down.  So, that is a big dilemma.  Foxy thinks that maybe there would be something big enough at Lowe's to put it in.  I hope so!  So that is my confession for the day.  I feel better.

Confession is good for the soul...sometimes.

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  1. OK I'm out of breath just from reading this. You have been busy! Hope you have a great weekend.


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