Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Update

I'm tired.  It was a long weekend.  We took Son out for his birthday Friday night. 

Saturday I got up, went to the hair salon and had my hair done.  I like it.  Daughter says it looks orange-ish. I like it. Daughter and I ran errands until two.  Then we got home in time to get everyone ready to go to the movies.  Son, his friend, Daughter and her boyfriend went and saw "Just Go With It".  They all said it was pretty funny.  Then we came home, ate barbecue meatballs, chips, pizza and Coldstone ice cream cake.  Yummy!  The boys all went outside and played basketball in the rain, in the dark.  They are so funny.

Sunday, Foxy woke up sick, so he stayed home from church.  The rest of us went.  Daughter went and spent the afternoon with her boyfriend, celebrating their 6th month anniversary.  They are so cute together.  Son and I went and bought him running shoes for track.  Then he woke up today sick, too.  So both Son and Foxy stayed home from school and work. 

Everyone seems to be feeling better this afternoon.  I'm just tired.

This week doesn't seem to bad.  We'll just have to wait and see what it brings.  It's suppose to rain again tomorrow evening.  The ground is so saturated now that the earth can't hold much more water.

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