Tuesday, April 26, 2011

DWTS - Guilty Pleasures Week 6

After taking a week off for Spring Break, I am back!  Let me just say that I was not all that impressed with All-American Week.  Honestly.  Just odd.  But this week...I cried, laughed and looked on in dismayed.
Here we go.

Kirstie started the week with her guilty pleasure song, Hit Me Baby, One More Time and dancing the samba.  She was pretty good.  To be honest though, she reminded me of John Travolta dancing the last scene in the movie Hairspray.  But I did like it, a lot!

Chris Jericho was next with JOURNEY's Don't Stop Believing. Honestly, I just didn't get it.  I didn't believe.

Romeo Miller danced a waltz to My Heart Will Go On.  His dance with Chelsea Hightower made me cry.  It was amazing!  I hope they dance that tonight.  And...he got the first 10s of the season, two of them!

Chelsea Kane, a.k.a., "the Disney Kid", danced a quick step to "Walking on Sunshine".  It was really good, but it didn't get to me like Romeo's.  I didn't think she deserved 10s too.

Kendra was next.  I'm sorry, but this person just grates on me.  She was in this very short yellow fringed outfit that helped make her look like she was moving better than I was.  Foxy stated that all the men will vote for her because of her shaking and shimming.  But her song was good.  Everybody Dance Now is one of Foxy's favorite songs.

Last of the evening was Ralph Macchio.  First, I didn't know the song.  And he had on this coat that reminded me of a dress, though I know it was for effect for the Paso Doble.  When they were practicing, Karina made him do his Karate Kid moves.  You know, the "wax on, wax off" arm movements.  I got real excited about that!  But then, during the dance, Ralph is on his knees, with Karina behind him and she trips and falls on his dress/coat thing. She looked real disoriented, but Ralph stands up, picks her up, and they got back into it.  It was pretty impressive.  I hope that doesn't send them home though. 

The most memorable dances were Romeo and Ralph, the least memorable was Jericho and the band that performed last night, Hanson.  Only because I do not know them, my 16-yr old didn't know them, and my mother didn't know them either.  It was fun to hear all the songs they played from the 1980's though. 

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