Tuesday, April 5, 2011

DWTS Season 12, Week 3

Last night on Dancing With the Stars, it was "Your Story" week.  The stars were able to pick their own songs and tell a story that had meaning with the song.  It was pretty touching and surprising because everyone had a sweet story to talk about.

Wendy Williams went first.  She talked about how she struggled and worked so hard to get where she is today by working in radio.  Let's just say that being a tall, big boned woman, she really isn't graceful. She is very reserved and seems scared to just let go and be free.  Foxy thinks she is going home.

Chelsea Kane was next.  She picked a song that was written just for her called, "Chelsea".  Can you say, vain?  It was a good song, and she will last a while on this show.  She is very likeable and is becoming a talented dancer.

Chris Jericho's story was so touching.  It was about his mother and her struggles after her accident.  He has such a big heart.  I really enjoyed his rumba.

Kendra's story was about how her husband's town didn't support them as a couple.  She is unstable on her feet and Foxy, Son and I talked through her dance, so we were not impressed like the judges were.

Romeo talked about watching two of his close cousin's die when they were all little.  I have one word for him.  Beautiful!

Hines Ward also talked about his mother and how it has been just them two and how proud she was of him going to college.  I call him Smiley and he is my favorite football player.  He received the first 9 of the season.

Petra talked about helping little kids in Thailand after the tsumani there.  She danced as beautifully as she is, inside and out.   She received a 9 also!

Sugar Ray told of his comeback fight and beating the odds.  Foxy called him jerky, his posture needs to be straighter, but he is fun to watch.

Kirstie told of how in less than 48 hours she lost her mom, almost lost her dad, and got her first major acting job.  What a lot.  But overcoming adversity really happened because her partner, Maks fell during their dance!  It was shocking, but they made it.  I hope he is okay.

Ralph talked about the theme from The Outsiders, his first movie and his wife of 24 years.  Let's just say, I could watch him all night!

Yesterday was an interesting food day.  I had yogurt for breakfast, a granola bar for a mid-morning snack and a brownie before going to the band meeting.  After the meeting It was too late to eat a lot, but I failed and had two servings of Girl Scout Thin Mints.   I am hoping for a better day today.

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