Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So some things that happened this past week while I was MIA

It was the kids spring break last week, so Foxy and I took a couple days off work.  We went to an outlet mall in middle America and let the kids spend some shopping mullah.

Son has now this fascination with CHARLIE SHEEN.  I think it's because no one else seems to like him.  He says he wants to be CHARLIE SHEEN of his generation and his children and grandchildren to carry on the title.  So we bought him a shirt that says "I have TIGER BLOOD and ADONIAS DNA in my DNA."  All I can do is giggle.  He wanted to wear the shirt up to the Ohio Teens for Christ Convention over the weekend, but me and the chaperone nixed that idea.  So what did he do?  He wore his Bob Marley hoodie.  When he came home, he asked me if I knew anything about Bob Marley.  I really don't know much, except I like some of his music.  Apparently, Marley is a big pot promoter.  So the hoodie was put in the suitcase for the weekend.  But he did where is new shirt to school today.  LOL  The boy cracks me up!

Daughter brought home a little white mouse to watch during the break.  She needs some extra credit.  I just crossed my fingers that little Hubert didn't die or get out of his cracked aquarium thing.  He hid most of the time, until this morning.  She brought him to the dining room to get him ready to take back to school.  He was out roaming around, eating and drinking like he lived here all his little mousey life.  The funny thing was, we kept Hubert on the washer most of the time, in the laundry room.  Josie Belle sniffed him out and several times, we caught her on her hind legs, leaning on the washer, trying to find the mouse. Josie Belle was very excited to see this new playmate.  We ended up keeping the laundry room door closed.

Friday the kids went to OTC and while there, they go to informative sessions and eat out and worship and devotions.  So Friday afternoon, Daughter texts me that they got there and are getting ready to go to their first session.  She says, "Son is making all the boys go the a Boys only Sex class".  I'm thinking, my goodness, I am sure I will be in so much trouble with the chaperone (who is the associate minister).  So a fire off a Twitter message to him apologizing for any and all things that have already been said or done and will be said and done in the future. 

The next day I get another text that says , "Son met some FREAKS!"  and then another that says, "I met a creeper."  So I tell Daughter not to go anywhere alone.  She says that the other chaperone thinks it is funny.  Me, not being there it assess the situation, goes into mother mode with her.  But Daughter has a really good head on her shoulders.  Thank goodness!

When they get home, the kids tell me how disappointed they are in the drug session they went to.  Apparently that's where he met the FREAKS and instead of telling them about the undesirable parts of drugs, they spent 10 minutes answering a questionnaire.  Of course, Son has to make a joke of it.

Oh the joys of having children!

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