Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Fave Fives

I stumbled on this from Stick It In the Fridge. So here are mine...

1. A story I heard from a friend. A 2-yr. old pushed the red emergency button in an elevator at Wright Patterson Air Force Base Museum the other day and they had to evacuate every person in the building. Too funny. Protect us from terrorists and the 2-year olds! The best part is that I personally know the kid and he is mischevious like that!

2. Tonight starts Monroe's Friday Night Lights! There is a scrimmage and I am pysched to go watch it! This weekend is all about football and band. Saturday, the boy will get to manage his first game as they scrimmage in the AM. Then Sunday evening, big gathering at the stadium for public to meet the high school team, as well as other fall sports teams, the band will get to perform their pre-game show as well as mini-camps and such. Should be a great time. I am all about the school support!

3. Today, my daughter will get a new phone. Daughter, her BFF and I will go later today and look.

4. This weekend we are buying all the school supplies we can. They start next Wednesday. So this is their last free Friday for a while.

5. The Bengals beat the Patriots last night! Ochocinco kicked the PAT? What the heck? Are they desperate for a kicker? Who cares, they won!

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