Thursday, August 20, 2009

How AAA saved my life, well my pride.

Last night, I was sitting in the back of my new Ford Edge watching football practice, reading and talking with another parent. The day was dreary and darkening clouds were rolling by, threatening rain and grumbling with thunder. Flashes of lightening littered the sky, and the boys and coaches ran in to the locker rooms. After about five minutes, the boys still had not come back out, so I text my son.

ME: Whatcha doing?
HIM: Talk chalkin' over plays.
ME: Ok.

The rain started coming down in big, fat drops and the other parent jumped in their vehicle. I was sitting in the trunk area enjoying the weather. It started picking up and I decided I had better close the trunk so my legs don't get completely soaked. As I did that, I slowly lowered it and tried to stop it from just clicking shut. Nope. It latched. I pushed on the door and it stayed in place. Ok", I think. "How do I get this open without all these other parents realizing I am locked in the back of my car?" I look around and realize that I can not scoot over the top of the seats. I look to the left; nothing. I look to the right; nothing.

At this point, I text my daughter and my husband.

ME: I have locked myself in the back of the Edge. lol.

Then I see it. A small rectangle piece in the door that looks like it can come out. I try to pop it off with my fake thumbnails (because right now my thumbnails are they are the only long nails I have). They are too wide. I try a key (at least they are with me). Nope. So then I look at my keyring. On my very round and big keyring, I have a AAA card, you know like the little gas cards or other store cards you put on them. It is very thin. I put that against the rectangle and it pops right off. I put my fingers in very gently and feel around. "That is not the right place, oh, that piece goes down. Now if I push the door as I press on that piece..." A rush of relief went through me. I had unlocked the mystery, without any strangers noticing.

HER: Seriously?
ME: Yeah, but it's okay, I figured out how to open it up.

At this point her BFF called me and asked if I needed them to come and get me out. I just laughed and said, "No, I figured it out. But it is kinda funny, huh?" I am sure they were rolling their eyes at my antics.

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