Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gimme a S!

Tuesday is starting off slow. Yesterday, I couldn't get a word in edgewise. Today, I am begging to do something. The only major thing I have to do is get lunch for a large group and now...oh, the leader of the group wants me to stop and get these grown men and women ice cream sandwiches. Cool, huh? Oh goody, I even get one for myself (if there are any left over). What a guy! No lunch for you, but you go get them and oh, if there is any ice cream left...it's yours. I don't mind, really I don't.

Today my kids are running my husband and my friend ragged. The older kids have band practice this AM, then they come home, shower and dress, go get a couple of things at the dance shop, then take the older ones and the younger boy back to school for pictures. Then younger boy has football practice until 4:30 or 5. Then it will be done for them for the day. At least they will be busy.

What all that means is that we will eat supper at a normal time. We are use to eating supper around 6. But with football practice, it has been 8:30. So I usually haven't been eating. Late last week, my hon started going home from practice a half hour early and getting supper ready, so when the rest of us got there, we were able to eat about 15 minutes earlier. Once school starts, that will be easier to do because a) kids will be home before 5 unless there is a game and b) after Labor Day, my hours will be more normal.

So let's hear it for back to school and back to the routine! Love it!


  1. Ice cream sandwiches? Sign me up too, please!

  2. sorry my blog has been giving me trouble. Had to switch to rrmama.net. I am so ready to send the kids back to school on Monday! If I hear MOM I"M BORED one more time I think I'm gonna lose it!


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