Friday, August 7, 2009

Help! I'm Complex!

Well, 9th grader made through her first 24 hours of band camp. I knew she would. I never had any doubt that once she got there she would be fine. She does say that I am wanted there. It's nice to be wanted. But why me? I am a mom, but I guess, like my Dad, I have a tendency to make things fun for others.

I have my other side too, like meeting someone face to face for the first time. I am not sure what to say, how they expect me to respond, what they think of how I look, or if they really even want to talk to me. I get nervous, especially if neither of us makes that first initial contact. Then I try and get out of the situation. I move away and then spend the rest of the time beating myself up because now I am thinking that the person may think I don't like them, that I was a snob or that I didn't even notice them. Actually, I was just nervous and wasn't sure what to say.

So life is full of complexities that we need to just take by the horns and get on with. Say hi to that new person that you want to make contact with. Go in with an attitude that it doesn't matter what everyone else thinks and just be yourself. Make life fun for everyone around you. You may just find that it really is a lot of fun.


  1. This is the one area in my life where I'm most comfortable... meeting peole :) But I have a fear of failing to meet expectations!

  2. My friends son had marching practice everyday last week and they just moved to this area. He didn't want to go and his mom made him. He came home having the best day ever! You just never know. BTW I had to move my site to .com kept giving me trouble.

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog today! Stopping by to say hello :)


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