Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Update

My favorite story of the day is that Jack Bauer of 24 got the job done and killed Osama Bin Laden.  That cracks me up.  If Jack were on duty, that would so totally have happened years ago!

My weekend was crazy busy.  First, Foxy bought everything he needed for the Mother Daughter Banquet.  We made Teriyaki chicken, Rice Pilaf, Green Beans, a Roll and cake.  It was hard work, but we did it.  I even screwed up two cakes.  I forgot to put eggs in them.  They were not good.  But I started over and we did just fine.  During all this, Foxy has messed up his hip.  It went out or something.  So he is going to the chiropractor on Wednesday. 

Friday night, we had the drill team over making posters to encourage other kids to get involved.  So while they were eating pizza and making posters, I was making cake.  I opened my dishwasher to lay two cakes on to cool.  One was cool and I put a lid on it.  The other one didn't.  When the girls left, there was posterboard all over my house.  We wanted to bring Josie Belle in, but didn't want her stepping on the posters and smearing the paint.  So we put them up on the tables and such.  Then we brought her in.  Foxy and I were watching Friday Night Lights later and it was too quiet.  I get up and go to the kitchen, and there's Josie, eating the middle out of the vanilla cake!  LOL.  My dumb mistake was her dessert!  I'm just glad it wasn't the chocolate one.

The cooking on Saturday was good.  Son and Foxy spent the day getting everything ready and everything tasted great!  It was a great night.

Sunday, Foxy relaxed after church and Daughter and I went to a friend's wedding shower.  Son asked if it was a baby shower, but we quickly told him "No!"  Miss Em got a kick out of that.  Daughter made the ribbon bouquet and we can't wait for their wedding in June. 

How was your weekend!

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