Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

My son is a crazy teenager.  My dad is a silly older man.  Together, they make a dynamic duo.  My father told my 13 year old son that when he turns 16, he should run for Mayor of our city.  Can you imagine?  The scary part is that I think son is considering it.

Son takes an interest in some politics.  He is very outspoken when it comes to the current administration of our national government.  He has been telling me for the past few days who I should vote for and who I should not vote for.   Last night he watch Dancing With the Stars with me just to watch the election results!  We had a great time bantering back and forth about who should win, and how the voting works in our city. It's good to see a young person so interested in the election. 

I was talking with someone today about this and he told me that the sad part is that kids are excited to use their right to vote.  We pump it up to be a pinnacle in their lives, and then they go to the voting site, vote, get a sticker and then that is it.  My co-worker told me that by the time the kids are out of college, they could really care less about voting.  How sad is that?  So I vow to make sure my kids understand that their one voice counts.  That no matter what, they can help change the world.

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  1. Good for your son! Some of these close races are proof that every vote counts!


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