Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

Truly, this morning has been wacky. 

I just have to blog that JENNIFER GREY AND DEREK HOUGH won DWTS!  Thank you, America for finally getting it right!
Driving in to work, you would have thought there were terrible things going on all over the city.  I had some crazy driver swoop between me (in the suicide lane) and another vehicle (in the lane to my right).  It was close quarters, in my opinion.  Was it really necessary for them to do that? 

Also driving in, two cars went around me like I was under the speed limit (I was doing 70).  It just seemed like more chances were being taken. 

So what do all of you think about the TSA doing all the up close and personal pat-downs at the airports?  My BIL & SIL are flying in from Mobile, AL today and I just wonder if they are going to agree to it.  I highly doubt it.

Our Thanksgiving plans are slowly unfolding.  We are suppose to have my mom's family over for lunch, then go to my BIL's for an early supper.  But Son woke up with this stomach virus going around.  It is usually a 24 hr thing.  Hopefully he just ate too much after his scrimmage last night (crossing fingers).

Friday, Daughter has her first in-car (driving with an instructor).  Then we are going to Indianapolis to the Beef and Boards Dinner Theater for our niece's Christmas Show.  Can't wait!

Saturday, Daughter has another in-car, Son has practice, and our great-niece's birthday party after the Ohio State/Michigan game. 

Sunday is church and football.  I think Foxy is planning on sleeping a lot.  He deserves it.  He worked like 15 twelve hour days in that past 18 days.

Have a great weekend! 


  1. YAYYY!!! SO happy with the DWTS outcome! :D

    My husband is flying in a couple of weeks, and he's totally not excited about the new TSA stuff.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. I dont watch DWTS but Im just glad Bristol didnt win it :) Thats the extreme liberal in me speaking though lol.

    I hate crazy drivers. I had like 3 of them yesterday. Must be something in the air ugh!

    I am afraid of the pat downs and new scans...I fly out of LAX (which you better believe they have them) to Atlanta next week. I am hoping with every inch of me that I can just walk through the xray scanner. I dont like being touched. However, I wouldnt refuse it because I would rather get that type of invassiveness then get blown up by an underwear bomb.

    Have a fantastic holiday weekend!


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