Friday, November 5, 2010

What the Friday?

Here is my tired, feeling bad because of a root canal view of this week.

  • I voted for DWTS, so I can complain.  America, why oh why, do you insist on keeping Bristol around?  Do you think we need some comic relief?  I think she is just sad.  There is nothing funny about her dancing.  What the Friday?
  • I am so glad that the election is over.  We can now move on.
  • I went to the dentist Tuesday for the 2nd half of my root canal.  It took them almost 2 hours to finish it.  I feel like I am holding my mouth funny and my jaw hurts.  What the Friday!
  • It is with sadness that Cincinnati says goodbye to probably the best Cincinnati Reds coach of this generation. Sparky Anderson was the first coach I remember.  He passed away yesterday.
  • The weathermen in the area said that we may have flurries this am.  Well, it's 41 degrees and no flurries.  Now the weatherman is saying we are going to have Indian Summer-like weather this next week in the 60's.  What the Friday?
  • My daughter is full of spunk today.  She just told me her eyebrow hurts.  What the Friday?
My weekend is not going to be too bad (I think).  Tonight, Son has basketball tryouts.  Tomorrow, Marching Band has a Veterans Day performance at a retirement village and Son has basketball tryouts.  Sunday, Daughter and I are going to make Christmas Cards with a friend!

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