Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

Wackiness reigns in my household this week!  Things are almost out of control.  I'll list them.

Monday - Got a call from Daughter's science teacher stating that Daughter has significantly brought her grade up and she should be commended for all the hard work she is doing.  We are so proud!

Monday & Tuesday - Josie Belle has been sleeping inside because it is so cold out doors.  Normally she would get up with Foxy, and walk to the back door to be let out or she would wait until Son would go get her.  Monday, I went back to the bedroom after Foxy and the kids all left, and there she was, sleeping on the bed.  I said, "Josie Belle, Mommy has to leave, you need to get up and go outside!"  Josie Belle lifted her head off the covers and blinked at me.  Finally, (taking her slow sweet time, I might add) she got up and walked to the end of the bed, jumped down and out the bedroom door to the back door.  She did this both days.  So last night, I gave her a big ham bone and she slept outside.

Tuesday - Bristol Palin going to the Dancing With the Stars finale?  America, is really all that political to make the girl go out each week and see how poorly she can do?  I was impressed with her Paso Doble, but the Waltz was bland. This show is about entertainment as much as learning how to dance.  Do you really find Bristol entertaining?  Seriously?  Are you going to vote her to win?  especially when she should have been gone six or seven weeks ago? 

Wednesday - I got on the highway to go to work and immediately, the radio traffic update tells me there is a wreck just above my work exit.  So I got off and went a longer way to work.  But I was still on time.  My boss was not (but that is not unusual).

Wednesday - Why is it that this morning flew by and now I can not stay awake?


  1. I couldn't agree with you more about Bristol Palin. And ummmm when did Americans start to consider unwed teenage mothers as stars?

  2. great re your child is doing better in school. hope none got hurt in the car accident. when the weather is cold, who wants to go out? take care rose

  3. Awesome job Daughter!!! And as for the dog...I wouldn't want to go outside either. I think the nice warm cozy bed sounds like a much better choice. Acutally is sounds great now, I need a nap!!!


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