Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Book Review: Lee (The Generals)

Lee (The Generals)
Goodness in Action

By John Perry

When I first picked this book, I mostly picked it for my father, who loves history, especially American history.  I knew that once I was done with this book, he would pick it up and read it in a snap, which he did.  I did not figure on it being a book I would come to enjoy.  History books are usually boring, but this book, Lee (The Generals) is more than that.  It is several things.  It is a love story between Robert E. Lee and his wife, as well as a story about Robert and his call to duty as a military man, a man of God and a family man.   Lee’s sense of pride, honor and loyalty is astounding.  Here in the north, we do not think on the War Between the States as our southern counterparts do.  But we do think of them as the enemy and that is not really what the author, John Perry gives in this story. 

I thoroughly enjoyed delving into the life of the Lee’s and if you want a good read, I recommend this book.  The author does well spending time between General Lee’s family life and his military duties, giving an insight to the thoughts of the several family members and acquaintances.   I found the book to be a great help in understanding the General Lee's actions for the Confederate Army.

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