Monday, January 24, 2011

A boring weekend, but possibilities loom

Well, I think I had the most boring weekend I could have.  It was kinda nice.  Friday night, we went out to eat, then we all went to Daughter's Boyfriend's soccer game.  It was free and fun.

Saturday, Son had a basketball game.  They lost  :(, but it was a pretty good game.  Then Daughter and I went to the library and to the grocery store.  I cleaned a bit and we stayed in.  I tried to watch a movie on Hallmark Channel, but fell asleep.  Thank goodness for DVR.

Yesterday we went to church, then went over to my parents for lunch and to watch the Bears/Greenbay game on their 47" tv.  We are still in the process of narrowing down what we want, so we have not purchased a new one yet.  I finally got Daughter to drive without another licensed driver in the car.  She took Son's friend home.  Son was with her, but I didn't have to go.  It was a 10 minute round trip, so it wasn't enough to freak me out. 

So today, there is the possibility that Daughter will try out for a dancing part in the chorus of the upcoming musical.  The musical is West Side Story, one of my all-time favorites!  She had several people text her to do go with them or that she should try out.  She doesn't know if she wants to, and I told her it was her decision, but I secretly hope she does.

Tomorrow is my dad's heart cath.  They think he may have blockages in the back of his heart.  He doesn't want to believe it, and I hope he is right, but we are all gathering at the hospital tomorrow around 12:30 ish, so keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Have a great Monday!

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