Monday, January 17, 2011


This was a strange weekend for me.  Friday night, we went to see my alma mater play Monroe.  They won, we lost. 

Son had a game on Saturday, against his best friend's team.  They beat us by four points.  Then Son's friend came to spend the night.  The boys had a great time playing Black Ops, watch Nightmare on Elm Street, and just being together.

Saturday evening, Daughter, her boyfriend and his best friend went to the movies.  I stayed home and made cookies, cleaned some and vegged, mostly.

Sunday, we went to church, took Best Friend home, and went to the grocery.  Then the kids (including boy friend), went to a lock-in last night.  They went bowling, stayed up all night, and went to Waffle House at 4 a.m.  Crazy kids!

So today, Son had practice (I'm sure he will be very tired).  Daughter came home and went right to bed.  They will be useless the rest of this day.

Ah, the life of teenagers!


  1. oh I remember those lock ins at church! We used to eat junk food, play games and watch movies all night! And sometimes sleep. haha


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