Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend Update

Good Morning!  I hope all of you are not upset if you are getting snow.  I know that places in the deep south, like Louisiana and Alabama are getting snow.  My BIL & SIL live south of Mobile, so I'll have to see if they are getting anything fun.  We are expected to get three to five inches of the "white death" starting after midnight tonight into tomorrow night.

It was a relatively quiet weekend.  Daughter was sick on Friday, so her and I stayed home from the basketball game this weekend and watched two movies; Charlie St. Cloud and Easy A.  They both were surprises to me.  I figured Charlie St. Cloud, starring Zac Efron would be a tear-jerker, but it wasn't.  It was an okay move.  Not one of his best, but Zac did a good job in it.  The other, Easy A, starred Emma Stone.  I so enjoyed this movie.  It is definitely not for anyone under 13, in my opinion, but there was actually a storyline that was plausible.  I actually sat and watched it again with Daughter and her BF yesterday.

Saturday, Son had practice, Foxy put up a ceiling fan in Son's room and Daughter and I went to the grocery.  We then got an invite to BF's house to watch the Colts play the Jets.  That was fun.  The kids watch Dinner with Schmucks, which they didn't watch all of, so don't waste your money, made smoothies and played Just Dance on the Wii.  Foxy and I watched the game, ate some snacks, enjoying good company.

Yesterday, we went to church.  Then we came home, fixed lunch and I put away the Christmas deco, started laundry and made brownies.  I think we all took naps.  Son slept most of yesterday and is still home sick today.  Foxy and I watched the Eagles get beat : - [.  

Well, we are gearing up for more snow.  So have a great evening!

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  1. We got snow here in augusta, GA. It's not inches and inches, but it was just enough to lock everything up. I couldn't get my car out of the driveway if I needed to. It's like it's got an invisible shell all around it.
    I've made good use of the day doing some catch-up reading and staying warm. It's been great.
    Stay well and warm.


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