Thursday, March 4, 2010

Complaints and Enjoying the weekend.

Sorry for the non-post yesterday. Between the home computer dying, choir practice and the doctor's appointments, it just didn't happen.  Things this week are starting to run together.  Have you ever heard of a fifteen year old having gall stones?  Well it is very possible Daughter has at least one.  Dr. Chiropractor took X-rays and showed us what looked like one.  Well there is family history of young females having their gall bladders taken out.  Not this young, but under 35.  So it may be weird, but not unheard of.

Today has been crazy at work.  First, the person who covers my lunch break and when I go get lunches has been out most of the day.  She had to get her car fixed.  I didn't think anything about it until I realized I needed someone to cover for me so I could go get lunches.  Then it was like a frenzy to get someone to sit here.   Then they complained that it too me too long.  Well, we had talked earlier and I told them I had to also put gas in the car and put air in the tires.  But I was still gone less than 30 minutes.

Also, a VP asked me to order pizza for his meeting.  I did so at 930, specifically asking for the food to be delivered at noon.  At noon-thirty, it had not arrived.  So now I look like an idiot that can't order pizza.  The nameless joint, IMHO, forgot about us.  I called twice, but I feel this is looking bad on me.  I did my part that may be irrelevant.  I hate days like this.

What have I been enjoying this week?  It's been a hard week.  I keep falling asleep like around 9:30 pm or so.  I seem to have been gone almost every night this week.  The weather today is beautiful and it is suppose to be better this weekend.  So I am going to enjoy...

1.  Being with my family.
2.  Downtown in the Big City
3.  Dinner with our church family on Sunday.  I am making Southwestern Bean Soup.  It is to die for!
4.  A movie, not sure which one though.

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