Friday, March 12, 2010

We are So Crazy!

I live about 30 miles north of what The Daily Beast states is the craziest city in the U.S.  When I first heard this on our local Fox affiliate, I looked at my kids, and said,"Cool.  Something to be proud of."  They just smiled like I was crazy.  So I look up what this online magazine/news hoarding of strange info actually said about Cin-City.

Apparently "crazy" means Psychiatrists per capita.  This article also takes into account stress levels, eccentricity, and drinking.  So that is what makes a city crazy?  LOL.  Oh, I didn't realize that.  But Cincinnati won that race over Austin and Las Vegas.    Well we have some very weird people around here.  There are the more popular ones, like the owner of Jungle Jim's who have made public restrooms into an art form.  Then there is our ever-popular band of bad boy NFL players that seemingly love to play with drugs, drink and drive, illegally have guns and beat women.  Not to mention our newest tv dancing sensation that first changed his name to a Spanish influenced number.  Then there are the others that each of the surrounding area 'burbs have on their own stand-outs.  We could go on and on. 

Postnote:  I want it to be known that I totally love the Bengals, but I am not above making my observations about them!

Let's just say that being this close to the crazy city is fun, with the Flying Pig race, Homer Simpson leading the Chicken Dance at Oktoberfest, and today on the radio, I heard the Kiss 107.1 Morning Show "Tim and My Mom Calls Me George", celebrating Alpaca Appreciation Day.  They actually brought alpacas into the radio studio and were taking pictures and learning about them.  This is because a week or so ago, and adult and two kids beat a three-month old alpaca to death for no apparent reason.  How horrible is that?

So the craziness in the Cincinnati area continues.  You just never know who or what will happen next.  So my Friday Five is...What is the craziest things you know of in your area of the world?

1.  We have a castle down by the Little Miami River in Loveland.  It is called Chateau Laroche.  When my father was a boy, he lived down by the place that the castle was being built.  The man, Harry Andrews, let my father and his brothers bring up big stones from the river in exchange for letting them play there.  I have been told they use to jump off the roof .

2.  There was Marge Schott and her Saint Bernard, Schottzie.  She was an owner of the Cincinnati Reds.  She and her beloved hound came to all the home games and was very much a say-what-is-on-her-mind gal.

3.  Up I-75, north that is, from Cincinnati is a huge statue of Jesus with his hands above his head, looking heavenward.  This is a 62-foot white statue that is affectionately called, "Touchdown Jesus".  Of course, it hasn't helped the Bengals win a superbowl.  It does have a hilarious song written by Heyward Banks, called "Big Butter Jesus", that reminds us all to spread the word.

4.   Cincinnati is known all over the world for it's chili (which is not my favorite, but I do eat it once in a while).  

5.  And a couple of hours up the road, there is the office building shaped like a big basket.  It is the Longaberger Home Offices.  

There are I am sure more and I am positive each of your areas can boast some strange and crazy stuff.  But you know what?  We Win!

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