Saturday, March 27, 2010

RE: Small Talk Six

Theme: 6 celebrities you had crushes on when you were a tween or teen

The Bloggess over at The Grande Life asks...Who were your six tween/teen heart throbs?     

Well, here are mine....

Andrew McCarthy

Seeing him in Pretty and Pink as the rich guy who saw past "the other side of the tracks" girl won me.  And that hair!  WOW.

Ralph Macchio

Who couldn't love the Karate Kid?  His eyes, his face, that voice?  Major crush going on!

Scott Baio

Even though I watched Charles in Charge, he will always be Chachi to me!

Kirk Cameron

Who didn't like Kirk in Growing Pains?  He was the oldest son that always wanted to do right, yet push it to the limits.  Kirk had the great smile and fun personality.

John Stamos

What can I say about Uncle Jesse?  He sang, he played, he was great with children...and he had the most beautiful hair in all of television.  I wanted him for my uncle!

Matthew Broderick

I love him!  Besides the fact that he is now married to my favorite icon, and he does different roles, Matthew just has that boyish charm that comes from that era!

Who are your heart throbs?  We wanna know!

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