Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Update March 5 - 7, 2010

Well, as normal, my weekend did not go as planned, at all. Friday evening I was at the hospital with Daughter.  She has gall stones.  Our awesome chiropractor saw them called it right.  So we spent about four hours there while Daughter was poked, prodded, stuck, and oozed on.  The ultra sound technician stated that there were some stones and that she saw them.  I was looking at the same picture and all I saw was a big blob that kinda looked like a whale.  A very small, baby whale.  But whatever.  So now I am looking for a surgeon.  She's only 15.  Now we are looking to change her diet to less fatty, fried foods.  She is not happy about that.

We also took Son out for his 13th birthday.  He wanted to go to Hooters.  Here is a picture of him being sung to by his girlfriends.

Don't let the look fool you.  He was loving every minute of it.  We had not been there, and it was hard for Daughter to find something to eat there that was not going to bother her.  It was all fried, and greasy food.  They loved the deep fried pickles and the sandwiches.  I am sure the guys will go back again another day. 

Today Son starts track.  He is going to throw the shot put and discus.  Foxy did the shot put in high school.  So this should be a lot of fun.  I have never been a track mom before.  I have been a soccer mom, a football mom, a basketball mom,  a band mom, and an actor's mom.  But track is a new experience for me.  I am all about new things.

So that was my weekend.  How was yours?

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