Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Get Her Off!

I am very mad!  I voted, and still America, you picked the wrong one!  Yes, I am talking and ranting about Shannon Daughtery's quick exit last night. 

People, people, people...Did you not pay attention to the other dancers that were much, much worse than her?  I am sorry, but Shannon was showing potential.  Kate Gosselin?  She was a failure.  Why do you want to keep her around?  Yes, I am sorry her family has been a mess lately.  But this show should be about talent, not sympathy.  That is what she played on. I am not afraid to say it.  Kate Gosselin played on most of America's sympathy.  I have watched every season of Dancing With The Stars and I have never seen Tony like this.  She has no reason to stay on this show.  Her talent is not on the dancefloor. 

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  1. I know - I just feel bad for her - I wish America would put her out of her sympathy - she looks MISERABLE!


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