Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Update - March 19 - 21

It's been a few days since I last wrote.  So let me recap.

Wednesday evening:  Several of us went over to West Union, OH for visitation.  On the way home, a deer hit Dad's car.  He saw the deer in the median, got over in to the right hand lane and the deer came out at him.  Dad hit the brakes to slow, and the deer hit the car.  There was a bunch of fluffy brownish hair in the headlight, but the only major damage was the front left fender panel.  It is bent enough that it is hard opening the driver side door.  The picture here shows the hair and the small amount of damage.  This is three deer in five years.  I told Dad that it wasn't a sport if you hit one with your car.  The deer did get up and run away, but I bet it has a horrible headache and shoulder pain. Daughter, Son and I were in my car behind Dad, Mom and Aunt Cake Maker.  We actually were not right behind them, so we didn't really see it.  But we stayed with them an hour until the State Patrolman stopped to take a statement.  Son was running around calling his friends, I was taking pictures, talking to them and Daughter stayed in the car.  She wanted nothing to do with any of it. 

Thursday:  Dad and I went to the funeral.  It was a nice service.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday:  The weekend was busy, but not too bad.  Saturday was spend doing errands and helping out at the church. We had a workday at church.  Windows were washed, the kitchen was reorganized, the Men's bathroom was painted and some landscaping was done.   Sunday was church and an extra choir practice, more errands were ran.

Today, I am getting things ready at work for my replacements.  Daughter is having her gall bladder out tomorrow.  Tonight, DANCING WITH THE STARS starts!  Daughter and I are very excited.  I will watch the first hour and then go to the other tv for 24.  I will run in and out to see the ones I want to see...Chad Ochocinco, Evan Lysacek for starters.  Tomorrow I will have a run down of all that is Dancing.

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