Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Teens and Phones

Daughter is not a happy camper.  She has a phone that when she sends a text message and slides the phone down, it turns itself off.  Sometimes it turns itself back on too.

Day 1:  So we took it to the "store".  The helpful people told us it needed a software update.  So they put it on their computers to do that.  Someone had locked the computer, so it needed rebooted.  After 40 minutes, it was decided that the phone could be left there over night or we could bring it back tomorrow. The decision was made to come back the next day.

 Daughter starts asking me about new phones.  We are on "the program", so she is not do for an update for 13 months.  I tell her we will look, but I just got a new phone and we are not sure what is going to happen.

Day 2:  We go back the next day and have the same helpful person.  He put the phone on the computer to do the software update.  We look around, sit around and he tells us that the phone didn't take the download.  So he tries again.  We go next door and get something to eat.  We come back and wait a little while longer.  Luckily the store is not very busy this night.  So the helpful people realize that this is not going to work.  So they offer us a new phone with the update.  It is the same phone, but one that already has the update.  This disappoints Daughter.  I tell her that we need to try this and who knows?  Maybe this will work wonderfully and she will love it again.  If it doesn't work, we will send Foxy down there to kick some phone-people's hineys.  So, she has to wait for the new phone to come on Friday.  It is torture to a teenager, but I hope she understands that the helpful people are trying to make things better.

I don't think she needs a new phone, if this "new" phone will work.  I am not making any promises though.

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