Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spend Less? HA!

I was reading online today that the Postal Service is going to request that they go to a five-day delivery service instead of six days.  I applaud this effort.  In the article I read, the powers that be believe this will help reduce costs because in 2020 there will be less snail mail and more email.  The Postmaster General stated that "we can't freeze wages.  We can't freeze fuel costs." *  Well, why not?  Every other company I know has either froze wages or cut them.  The government can't do that?  No wonder there is debt everywhere?  If our government can't follow suit like the businesses, then who can we look to to help us manage our assets?

A man at work asked me to make sure the bills he put in the outgoing mail gets mailed.  "I hate bills," he stated.

"So do I," I said back.  "How do you get out of them?"

Another person said, "Don't pay them."

"Yeah, but then you get all kinds of nasty mail and phone calls, " I replied.

But seriously, if we can't get the government to freeze their wages and their spending, why should we?  My opinion is because it is the right thing to do.  But what would happen if we all stopped overspending?  Would the world collapse?

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