Tuesday, May 10, 2011

DWTS Update

I tried to do a DWTS update last week, but was soooo busy, it just didn't happen.

This one will be a bit quick, but there are only five contestants.

Chelsea Kane and Mark - they did a cute little dance and then later an Instant Samba dance.  I say "Shake it!" , and I agreed with Carrie Ann.  It was not their best.

Hines and Kym - I am so happy that Kym finally has a star who is going to the finals (my prediction).  Hines' first dance was just nice.  But the second was a jive and he just let it all go.  He didn't go technical, he just had fun and you could see did.

Romeo and Chelsie were next.  Their tango was so intense, I felt it.  And their samba was also a big shaker, but he is a bit reserved.

Ralph and Karina had the odds stacked up against them.  First, he has a cyst that exploded behind his knee and was killing him.  But their dance was really good, and Ralph was reminding me of Derek Hough, big time, with his form.  But then they lost it.  Their second dance was good, but not great.

Kirstie and Mak made a comeback.  Their first dance was AMAZING!  But their second dance, I just felt was dumb.  And, America needs to know, why does Maks keep pinching Tom's butt?

So hopefully, Ralph doesn't go home because of his knee.  Tom even made a reference to the Karate Kid movie and how life is imitating art.  Ralph tried to hush him about it, but it's true.  In fact, in the beginning of the second dance, Karina sorta did a Mr. Miyagi trick and rubbed her hands together and placed them on Ralph's knee.  Cute, but not the same.at.all.  I love The Karate Kid too much for that.

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  1. I missed Kirstie and Mak's second dance so it's good to read your opinion. I also thought there first dance was great. I also liked Hines second dance.


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