Monday, May 16, 2011

Not a Weekend Update

My weekend was kinda a quiet, which was good.  We did get the Danger Ranger back.  This is my husband's free 1986 Ford Ranger.  We had to have the engine overhauled.  So now we have three vehicles and no $ for gas!  LOL.

It's going to be a crazy week.  We have dance & band practice, dance recital, band concert, and trip to Washington D.C.  I'm tired just figuring it all out.  Tonight, I'm going to try and clean the bathrooms, cook supper and watch DWTS and Hawaii 5-0.

For supper tonight I have found a nice little recipe for Mexican Chicken and Rice from Taste of Home.  Looks easy, I'll let you know how it is tomorrow.

I am also trying to use more coupons.  There is a group of ladies in my town that I am getting to know and want to learn from.  If any of you have ideas and such, please let me know.

Also, yesterday my father gave us about 10 or so tomato plants.  So I want to find time to plant them because it is that time of year.  But it is rainy all week, so we'll just see.  It will be exciting to have my garden day back up and running.  I'm going to do it on Friday's this season, because last year I didn't get out there until it was time to leave for work on Thursdays.  Not very acceptable.  Foxy wants to do box gardens, but I want to plant the tomatoes in front of our back porch. They grew great there last year and Josie Belle seemed to like it too.

I have pole beans, sugar snap peas, watermelon, and I want cucumbers, zucchini and some peppers.  That's the goal.  Are you having a garden this year?

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