Friday, May 20, 2011

Marching onward

Last night was Monroe High School's last Concert Band concert and awards.  They played well and had a great time.  Then the awards came.  The director gives out all the awards for everyone, i.e. years of playing, pep band, etc.  Then the Marching Band members give awards that have been passed down for a long time.  First is the Bee Spirit award.  This a huge stuffed Bee (we are the Hornets, so this is totally that) and it is passed from an incoming senior to an incoming junior that shows the most spirit, marching, and quality that a marching band members should possess.  Guess who got it?  Yep, my incoming junior, Daughter!  What a surprise and honor.

Then there were other silly and not so silly awards, a jar of mayonnaise, a shoe, and Jorge (a statue).  There is then the other big award of the night, the Drill Team mascot award.  This usually goes to the next person that will head of the drill team.  This is normally an incoming senior.  This year there are no seniors, but four incoming juniors.  The outgoing senior, wrote a nice note on why the person she picked this person.  It again, was Daughter!  What an honor.  We asked the director if this means she will be in charge of the drill team, and we were told that this is not usually picked until after tryouts (in two weeks).  But the honor of being picked to care for Kermietta (a Kermit the frog dressed as a drill team member, uniform included; see picture) is big!  So proud of my girl.  Here's the picture with her and Heather (the one who picked her, Daughter is in white).

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