Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Update

Good Monday!  I hope everyone is praying for those in Missouri.  What tragic news across America this spring.  I fear it isn't over either.

My weekend was nice and not too horribly busy.

Friday, Daughter and I stayed home, caught up on some things around the house.  Foxy and I watched Friday Night Lights, and Best in Smoke.  That last one has our favorite BBQ Pitmaster, Brad Orrison in the competition.  I also made a cake.

Saturday, Daughter and I got up and went to Old Navy for the $1 flip flop sale.  She got four pairs and I got a yellow pair.  One of the best bargins of the day!  Then we went to the grocery, gas station, and home.  We puttered around the house all afternoon.  She cleaned the inside and out of her car and I cleaned my side of the bedroom (mostly).  Then we went and got pizza and we went to her dance recital.  She did great at that!  All the acts were wonderful, especially the tiny girls in their pink and purple tutus or tap shoes.  How sweet!  Then Daughter and I went home, and waited for a call from Son.  While we waited we watched the beginning of SNL with host Justin Timberlake and musical guest, Lady Gaga.  What a hilarious show.  We love Justin on the show and I love that Lady Gaga can do some of the sketches. We got the call from Son in the middle of of the first sketch, so we paused it and took off.  We picked him up from his trip to DC and was in bed by 1:00 am. 

Yesterday we all got up, went to church, lunch and came home.  Son mowed, I cleaned dishes and laundry was started.  Then I went to a concert at church and Son went to his girlfriend's grandparents house.  By this time it was thundering, lightning, and just pouring rain.  But it seems, just as the concert started, the rain let up and the lightning stopped and the thunder hushed.  God definitely blessed the beautiful concert. 

Then I went home and Daughter and I decorated the cake.  It is now a Strawberry/Vanilla Cake.  Here is a picture.

My son loves strawberries and kept telling me that if I put strawberries on the cake it will be wasting them.  But then he tried the cake and said, that it was pretty good.  I thought it was good.  I took the cake and cut it in half.  I made a cream cheese icing and put part of that in the middle and layered strawberries on top of the icing.  Then I put the next layer of cake on top of that, and put more icing and covered the top in strawberries.  It wasn't too bad! 

Hope you have a great day.

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