Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Last night, So You Think You Can Dance was back on the air for season 8.  We were so excited for it, Daughter and I.  We settled down and started watching it.  The second dancer, Maryann Moore, from Marietta, GA, made me cry.  It was beautiful.  As the two hours progressed we saw a lot of interesting people.  Soon, Son and Foxy came home and sat down to watch with us.  Then the fun started.  The dancing became considerably less than par, and more, uh, well, er...interesting.  The most disturbing was this guy from California who did something called "The Insect".  He was on his hands and feet, his torso facing the sky.  He then turned his torso around from the waist, so it was facing down, but his hands and feet were still on the ground.  His head, he also had turned so he was facing almost complete backwards.  OMG!  I had nightmares!  Those people who are double-jointed that way are hard from me to watch.  This is going to be an interesting and fun season.

I made a batch of terrible brownies last night.  I am not sure if it was because I had to use margarine instead of butter, or what the problem was, but it wasn't great. 

This is a hugely busy weekend.  Today, Foxy had a meeting.  Then he is going to get the pork shoulders and start smoking the shoulders, briskets and my chicken (that is supper tonight).  He's going to give some of the pork to our friends with some corn, buns and some ice cream for dessert for supper tonight.  She broke her ankle and will not be able to be on her feet for months!  The rest of the meat is for our friend's graduation party tomorrow.

Son is going with my Dad after school to dig post holes for a fence at church.  That should be interesting.  Daughter is going to help deliver the meal, then go to a friend's graduation party.  I am going to the grocery, because I don't know when else to do it.

Tomorrow, Daughter has to be at graduation with the concert band from 9:30 am until around 1.  Son and Foxy will be cooking the rest of the meat tomorrow, then going to the graduation party.

Sunday we have church, our neighbor's graduation party, another friend's party (I think just the kids are going to that), and my parents are going to come over for a cookout. 

Monday, Daughter has a Memorial Service for band, and then another graduation party.  Sometime I want to do laundry and clean some.  Good grief. 

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