Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Tuesday to you!  At least it isn't Monday!  But it is hot here in the office.  The air is slowly coming on, but it is taking it's time.  We work in the 3rd floor of a 7 floor office building, so it's not like we are the highest floor or anything, but, it still gets warm, especially if the air is off and the last two days were 90 degree plus days.

Yesterday morning, the band took part in the Memorial Day festivities.  It was a nice service, but a warm one.  The city didn't provide the band with chairs, so some of the kids were not prepared to stand for an hour or more.  Several kids started getting shaky.

We also had four graduation parties and a small cookout this weekend.  I am still kinda tired.  This is the kids last full week of school.  They have all week, and next Monday and Tuesday.   The kids are excited to get out, that is for sure. This week entails of not a lot.  Trying to find a balance for the summer.

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